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I'd forgotten just how good Japan (the group) were

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bookkeeper · 06/04/2008 22:02

Have just heard Ghosts used in a trailer for "Waking the Dead" - fantastic.

OP posts:
PeachesMcLean · 06/04/2008 22:04

that's weird. Been humming that for the last few days - no idea where it came from.

yes, very good, weren't they. Where's David Sylvian now?

southeastastra · 06/04/2008 22:04

don't youtube them, you'll be there all night there's alot on there. i loved david sylvian so much and had a big poster of him on my wall.

SorenLorensen · 06/04/2008 22:04

That's dh's, erm, how can I put this tastefully, his pulling song. You know, the Barry White moment when they put on an LP, dim the lights and move in for the kill It must have worked...I did marry him.

Moomin · 06/04/2008 22:04

ooo yes they used it in Ashes to Ashes the other night as well and it sent shivers down my spine, remembering sitting in my bedroom playing it over and over again

(Their version of I second that emtoion was shit though )

southeastastra · 06/04/2008 22:05

he still looks lovely all pensive

bookkeeper · 06/04/2008 22:05


OP posts:
turquoise · 06/04/2008 22:07

I thought that when they played it on Ashes to Ashes, keep meaning to get it on CD.

downbutnotout · 06/04/2008 22:09

dh heard it on Ashes to Ashes too and insisted I get from iTunes immediately. It is rather good, isn't it?

marina · 06/04/2008 22:10

TMI Soren!
I am so not saying what I used to get up to when Methods of Dance hit the turntable
They're still...big in Japan I think.

FranSanDisco · 06/04/2008 22:15

Loved Japan. Heard them in a Furniture Store about a month ago and remembered just how much I loved them. Teenage angst

southeastastra · 06/04/2008 22:16

methods of dance is on youtube marina

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