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Lost touch with music - help me find my groove again!

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Roseylea · 02/04/2008 19:13

Wasn't there some sappy movie about how someone or other lost her groove, then found it again?

Well since I had dd and ds (i.e. since six years ago) I have really lost touch with new music, and I keep thinking I muts do something about that. The other music thread got me thinking and remembering how much I used to love music. Even before we had the dc wer were travelling in Asia for a while where you could only get Madonna on MTV so in all honesty I've really well and truly lost my groove...!

So could any of you more culturally literate than I types help me find my groove?

To point you in the right direction I used to love:

The Manic Street Preachers
The Indigo Girls
The Flaming Lips
Sterophonics (before they got boring)
The Beautiful South
The Cure

And lots of others whom I'm too brain-addled to remember. I also used to love 80s gay euro-pop (like Erasure and the Communards) and oldies like Bob Dylan and Simon and Garf.

So what is out there nowadays that I might like?

OP posts:
MaryAnnSingleton · 02/04/2008 19:23

Arcade Fire
The Killers
Au Revoir Simone
Charlotte Gainsbourg

wineplease · 02/04/2008 19:39

Have a listen to MGMT, Chuck Prophet and Bon Iver on MySpace. Heard all of them on Radio 6 and really enjoyed them. Hoping to see them live this year too

Roseylea · 03/04/2008 07:47

oooh thank you! Sorry I wandered off last night! I'll spend a bit of time listening to them later.

Wineplease do you have to be a member of MySpace to listen to music on there?

OP posts:
wineplease · 03/04/2008 22:44

No, just google the names mentioned and that should link you to the site. Most bands have 3/4 songs on their site to listen to.


frankiesbestfriend · 03/04/2008 22:53

The Kooks
The Wombats
The Pigeon Detectives
The Cribs
The Editors
The Enemy
Franz Ferdinand

cyteen · 06/04/2008 16:10

Hot Chip (electro pop goodness)
Clor (only did one album before they split, but it's fantastic)
Nina Nastasia (my favourite singer-with-guitar ever - intelligent, emotional, dark, gorgeous songs)
Diane Cluck (sounds a bit like Joni Mitchell)
Futureheads (just released a new album, not heard it yet but their other two are fantastic and they're ace live)

Lucycat · 06/04/2008 16:12

agree totally with frankiesbestfriend - add to list The Courteeners - brilliant newish band from Manchester.

and their first album out tomorrow 'St Jude'

MaryAnnSingleton · 06/04/2008 16:13

try this Gabriella Cilmi

PerkinWarbeck · 06/04/2008 16:14

d'ya have a digital radio?
if so, start with 6music. they play lots of new stuff, but enough older music of the kind you mention to feel non-threatening and comfy.

cyteen · 06/04/2008 16:22

In fact, Roseylea, I'd be happy to do you a random mix CD if you like

MaryAnnSingleton · 07/04/2008 14:38

Goldfrapp !

marina · 07/04/2008 14:50

Well, REM's new album is a return to form apparently
Agree you will like the Killers and Arcade Fire

The natural successor to Erasure & co seems to be the v. enjoyable Scissor Sisters (well they are in my house ). The Pet Shop Boys last one, Integral, was excellent. And there is always Mika I suppose...

The Flaming Lips are still going - have you got Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots or whatever they called the album?

Recently I've also loved The Zutons, British Sea Power (I think they are a Marmite band though) and The Broken Family Band.

MaryAnnSingleton · 07/04/2008 14:52

love British Sea Power too Marina

marina · 07/04/2008 14:53

Have you seen them in concert MaryAnn

UnquietDad · 07/04/2008 14:53

The Killers
The Kooks
Amy MacDonald
Regina Spektor
Tiny Dancers
The Upper Room (are they still going? they were getting quite big in 2006...)

marina · 07/04/2008 14:54

I heard Amy Macdonald being made over as elevator muzak on Radio 2 UQD. Intriguing programme and I loved what they played of her music...

MaryAnnSingleton · 07/04/2008 14:54

Marina - no, haven't - haven't seen anything for tooo long

contentiouscat · 07/04/2008 14:55

LOL Stella lost her grove...based on a true story and the author's real luscious toyboy turned out to be gay!

You really need to take more care of your groove in future

UnquietDad · 07/04/2008 14:56

It sounds as if Gabriella Cilmi sings "rather get my jammy words in first"!

Megglevache · 07/04/2008 14:57

Message withdrawn

DJCod · 07/04/2008 14:58


marina · 07/04/2008 15:01

Rosey, also try listening to Six Music and Stuart Maconie and some of the other Radio 2 presenters (Steve Lamacq for example)
and also a subscription to Word magazine (treat yourself )
I've discovered lots of new bands from reviews there and also their free monthly CD of their favourite tracks
You don't mention world music but that's how I found out about bands like Tinariwen, Amadou et Mariam, Taraf de Haidouks etc

MissingMyHeels · 07/04/2008 15:04

Try Elbow, Guillemots and Paloma Faith (has an amazing voice!)

UnquietDad · 07/04/2008 15:56

Oh, and your "80s gay euro-pop" streak may be satisfied by Scissor Sisters, but if not then try Alphabeat, BWO and Mika.

MaryAnnSingleton · 07/04/2008 16:07

can second marina's suggestion of Word magazine

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