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I need some music to play as walk out music after Marat Sade.....

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Beetroot · 30/03/2008 19:55

Have some schubert and bach for walk in - relaxing and beautiful to give everyone a false sense of security -

walk out = lunitics are taking over the asylum/brain damage by Pink floyd??????

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Beetroot · 30/03/2008 21:10


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marina · 30/03/2008 21:19

I can never remember the track names but there are some barking, disturbing moments on OK Computer

Or Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd

Beetroot · 30/03/2008 22:42

I do't know OK computer

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Beetroot · 30/03/2008 22:43

oh don't like ok Computer - gead ache time

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marina · 30/03/2008 22:51

Mad World, by that funny little man in the hat?

Fire, by Arthur Brown

This is a Song from Under the Floorboards, Magazine

Lio · 30/03/2008 22:58

I didn't know anything about this play, so I have just googled it and it says:

Marat/Sade is a play with music. This follows much in the path of Bertolt Brecht where the songs comment on themes and issues of the play. Unlike a traditional musical format, the songs do not further the plot or expositional development of character in the play. In contrast, they often add an alienation effect, interrupting the action of the play and offering historical, social and political commentary.

So perhaps something very calm and beautiful like the slow movement of Schubert's String Quintet in C? Also the thing I read about the play suggested that there is already music in existence?

Beetroot · 31/03/2008 09:12

yes we have music in the play - this is in and out music that I am looking for

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harpsichordcarrier · 31/03/2008 09:14

some Cage?

Beetroot · 31/03/2008 09:23

not sure they are right.

I would like something popish - cage is too explicit.

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PerkinWarbeck · 31/03/2008 09:29

basement jaxx - where's your head at
a bit upbeat, but might work

PerkinWarbeck · 31/03/2008 09:30

ooh - david bowie, all the madmen, from The Man who sold the world.

PerkinWarbeck · 31/03/2008 09:34

or if the asylum references are too obvious there, what about DJ Shadow midnight in a perfect world

Beetroot · 31/03/2008 09:34

yes love basement jaxx idea

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Lio · 31/03/2008 20:36

Oh I see - when the audience is coming in and going out (thought it was to do with actors going in and out of somewhere). btw, there is a gulf between Popish and pop-ish ha ha

Beetroot · 31/03/2008 21:12

any more ideas?

OP posts:
Lio · 31/03/2008 22:24

Sorry, am not v good on serious pop music.

meimango · 01/04/2008 19:09

Faith no more - Jizzlobber - on angel dust album. eerie beginning - creaking boards etc...then very hard into the body of the song - with an ecclesiastical ending. the lyrics would have some tension with the play also - though doubt they'd be heard as not at the forefront of song

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