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'I love Radio 4' song - a great clip on YouTube!

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keepcalmandcarryon · 19/03/2008 13:35


OP posts:
Hassled · 19/03/2008 13:39

It's brilliant in a slightly sad sort of way . Top bloke.

moodlumthehoodlum · 19/03/2008 20:30

Hilarious. Bless him.

But what on earth would possess you to get in front of your camera, do this, and then post on youtube?

I think he might be alone all day, and a bit lonely

keepcalmandcarryon · 21/03/2008 21:35

thanks for comments folks. As I understand it he posted it on youtube at the request of his adoring DW, having managed to find a few moments peace and quiet to record it, away from his amazingly busy, stimulating and social existence .

Oh, and btw it was played on Radio 4's You and Yours programme today

OP posts:
Janni · 21/03/2008 21:54

I agree with every word - apart from the bit about 6.30 comedy. Some of that is dire

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