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MUSICALS - your favourite songs from a musical...

40 replies

MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 18/03/2008 14:18

Am loving singing along to songs from musicals at the share your favourite !

OP posts:
breadgirl · 18/03/2008 14:22

CATS Memory

annemarie29 · 18/03/2008 14:22

come what may from moulin rouge..had that played at our wedding ceremony last year.

No1ErmaBombeckfan · 18/03/2008 14:22

West Side Story ...
My Fair Lady...

Dottydot · 18/03/2008 14:23

Gethsemane from JCS

Or anything from JCS actually

Or 1000 sweet kisses from Rent

breadgirl · 18/03/2008 14:23

Don't cry for me Argentina

barnstaple · 18/03/2008 14:23

The really big production number they do on the barricades in Les Mis

breadgirl · 18/03/2008 14:26

I know him so well

mrsruffallo · 18/03/2008 14:27

Whip crack away, whip crack away, whip crack awaaaayyy

IorekByrnison · 18/03/2008 14:32

The Trolley Song from Meet me in St Louis is great.

MillieMummy · 18/03/2008 14:33

Don't get me started - am a HUGE fan of musicals . I love, love, love 'you are my lucky star'(had an old friend who used to sing it to me) from singing in the rain and almost all tunes from 7 brides. I'm a bit of a fan of old films, there's a song in 'blythe spirit' called 'always' which I love too.

IorekByrnison · 18/03/2008 14:42

Adelaide's Lament

MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 18/03/2008 14:44

ooh, lovely - am compiling a musicals cd so this is all very inspiring

OP posts:
littleboo · 18/03/2008 14:44

Oklahoma !one of my favorites

MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 18/03/2008 14:47

tell my father - very moving

OP posts:
IorekByrnison · 18/03/2008 14:47

This one's a bit obscure, but unbearably lovely. Mario Lanza singing Moonlight Serenade from the Student Prince.

IorekByrnison · 18/03/2008 14:48

Goodnight My Someone and Till there was You from the Music Man both delicious too.

MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 18/03/2008 14:48

not sure I `like that version, John Barrowman does it beautifully...

OP posts:
MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 18/03/2008 14:49

Tell my Father - I mean...

OP posts:
IorekByrnison · 18/03/2008 15:17

Anything Goes is good too, and all other Cole Porter songs.

spudmasher · 18/03/2008 15:20

All That Jazz - Chicago. Fab.

DrNortherner · 18/03/2008 15:29

Close every door from joseph is fab

I love all that jazz too

TheFallenMadonna · 18/03/2008 15:31

My DC love the songs from Little Shop of Horrors. As do I. Not sure they're quite ready for the musical yet though...

MaryAnnSmotheredinchocolate · 18/03/2008 15:33

yes, me too !

OP posts:
TheFallenMadonna · 18/03/2008 15:35

DS also loves Oliver. Again, slightly disturbing story

And we also have the soundtrack to Easter Parade in the car. I love Easter Parade.

TheFallenMadonna · 18/03/2008 15:36

Oh, and Singing in the Rain.

I also rather like singing along to songs from the musicals

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