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Londoners: Last chance to see 'Lighten Up' ,brilliant ,at Unicorn Theatre!

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Blu · 08/03/2008 18:08

I took DS and a couple of his friends this morning, all 6. It is basically puppetry of light - very simple and very sophisticated at the same time , with some fatntastic effects and a great soundtrack. DS and his friends were leaping about in their seats with excitement at some bits.

Wasn't full this morning, but tomorrow afternoon's performance is the last so it might book up.

It's £14-50 for adults, £9-50 for kids or £40 for a family ticket for 4 - pricey but the fountains in the Piazza behind and the walk past HMS Belfast and the ship thing in Hayes galleria always create a distraction. We had (new improved - since I last went, anyway) child menus at cafe rouge in Hays Galleria, and I popped into M&S in the new bioldings all around for snacks rather than stop at any concessions in London Bridge Station or pay for theatre ice creams.

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Twiglett · 08/03/2008 18:11

will agree with this recommendation STRONGLY

we took a 3 year old, 5 year old, 7 year old and 8 year old .. they all loved it as did DH and I ... we took a picnic and ate outside the Mayor's building

going to see Hello Maru-Chan this week with DD, went to see Midsummer Night's Dream last weekend with DS .. oh that place is just a diamond!

Twiglett · 08/03/2008 18:12

we booked preview tickets though .. they were a snip at £5 each

have done that for a couple more shows to come .. strongly recommend

Blu · 08/03/2008 18:18

yes, I could have saved myself a fortune with your good planning, Twig! Have paid full price for 3 shows in recent months! And I knew 'Lighten Up' would be brilliant as Theatre Rites are the topppest of the top children's theatr companies, imo!

Will definitely picnic outside on warmer days - and on M&S sandwiches, too!

OP posts:
Twiglett · 08/03/2008 18:20

did you see Midsummer Night's Dream?

we're going to see the flying machine thing too

Mercy · 08/03/2008 18:25

Is there more than one Unicorn theatre in London?

I'm confused because dd's class went to see a show at the Unicorn (which I thought was in north London) and apparently it took them ages to get there because it was in south of the river.

Blu · 08/03/2008 20:56

Mercy - The Unicorn is right on the S bank of the Thames, in between L Bridge Station and Tower bridge - next to the Mayor's office. While their building was being built they were based in a theatre near the Caledonian Rd - but that was ages ago.

Twig - missed MND - will probably go to the Flying Machine thing - but will check script for 'oh, poor child miserable in hospital, only survives thrugh fantasy-adventure' heavy content as DS will be about to go into hospital...

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marina · 08/03/2008 21:00

Mercy, were they heading for the Polka in Wimbledon possibly?
I can't go to this as I have to take dd to Angelina Ballerina which I very much doubt I'll be recommending on here...

Blu · 08/03/2008 21:08

Marina - sympathies!

Lighten Up! is now second in DS's league table of his favourite theatre shows, with Flat Stanley at polka still in 1st place.

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