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I've just joined a DVD rental thing. Need to add more DVDs to my list. Any suggestions?

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AdamAnt · 04/03/2008 21:19

Title says it all

OP posts:
S1ur · 04/03/2008 21:21

I want to see Stardust and thought Atonement was good.

Unfitmother · 04/03/2008 21:22

I loved Stardust (dcs liked it too)

Bewilderbeast · 04/03/2008 21:22


AdamAnt · 04/03/2008 21:23

good good...will add them

(I needs lots more [pleading])

OP posts:
S1ur · 04/03/2008 21:23

I am [jealous] I wish I could go to the bloody cinema, I really want to see Stardust and have had to wait.

S1ur · 04/03/2008 21:24

Heh you can tell I don't get on here much eh?

Pannacotta · 04/03/2008 21:24

The Bourne films if you like something fast moving.

fishie · 04/03/2008 21:25

i struggle with this too, not a massive film fan but otherwise i'd never watch any at all. i read reviews of newly released films and add them to the list, so it might be months before they're available but i don't have to think about it.

so tonight am thinking about juno and margot at the wedding. (margot is not possible to add yet).

or you can go to and pick stuff by rating.

poppynic · 04/03/2008 21:25

My favourite movie of all time is... the Australian film, "The Castle". There could be a cultural warning on this though - I'm from NZ, we lent it to English friends who said they kept waiting for it to get funny and it never did .

fishie · 04/03/2008 21:27

thanks, i have just put stardust on. list currently reads
The Fountain
The Simpsons Movie

AdamAnt · 04/03/2008 21:27

good tip re: imdb fishie

Will add anything and everything listed on this thread, unless I've already seen it

OP posts:
Bewilderbeast · 04/03/2008 21:33

the last thing of scotland
lords of war

snice · 04/03/2008 21:36

The Kite Runner
Run Fat Boy Run
Little Miss Sunshine
Michael Clayton

AdamAnt · 04/03/2008 21:39

We watched Little Miss Sunshine the other night - fabulous!

OP posts:
clur79 · 04/03/2008 21:42

I like the TV box sets.....

Heroes (I am a slight geek)
Prison Break

another vote for Run Fat Boy Run.

Rhubarb · 04/03/2008 21:44

Pans Labyrinth

Rhubarb · 04/03/2008 21:45

Pans Labyrinth rocks

poppynic · 04/03/2008 21:45

If you're talking TV box sets - we watched Greenwing right through without any noticeable fatigue.

Rhubarb · 04/03/2008 21:45

Pans Labyrinth is cool!

Rhubarb · 04/03/2008 21:45

Did I mention Pans Labyrinth?

Rhubarb · 04/03/2008 21:45

I would watch Pans Labyrinth

Rhubarb · 04/03/2008 21:45

Pans Labyrinth is the dogs bollocks!

Rhubarb · 04/03/2008 21:46

In response to the OP, may I tentatively suggest Pans Labyrinth?

Rhubarb · 04/03/2008 21:46

Oh and perhaps Pans Labyrinth for a change.

Rhubarb · 04/03/2008 21:46

I watched Pans Labyrinth the other week.

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