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WOMANS HOUR nuala mc govern

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motherofted · 05/09/2023 10:40

I have been listening to Womans Hour for several decades, but now I switch off as soon as it starts if Nuala Mc govern is the presenter: She doesn't seem to have researched the topic in any depth, doesn't appear to concentrate or genuinely engage, seems often to be reading from a script, and ums and errs constantly. With the choice of so many good female presenters I am at a loss to know why she was chosen for this job. I am missing so many potentially good programmes due to avoiding, entire programmes on the days that she is presenting.

OP posts:
ChillinwiththeVillains · 13/09/2023 10:59

Totally agree and was hunting for past thread about how utterly uninterested she is. Emma Barnett back next week- just heard the trailer.

PaminaMozart · 13/09/2023 11:03

Absolutely, totally agree. Good that Emma Barnett is returning, but it would be great to also have Jane Garvey back.

ChillinwiththeVillains · 13/09/2023 11:05

Jane Garvey has left the BBC hasn’t she? Her refusal to engage with contentious issues did annoy me by the end. But I agree she is much better than the current shower.

Garihairy · 13/09/2023 11:14

I'm glad it's not just me. If she would even give the script a once over before the programme aired it might help. I very rarely put the radio on between 10 and 11 nowadays. I'm relieved to hear EB's coming back.

ChillinwiththeVillains · 13/09/2023 13:10

I know! It’s like being at work when you’ve tried to brief someone for a meeting and they turn up late and it plays out just how you warned them not to. I can see the responses are just so formulaic and interesting diversions don’t happen because she doesn’t bother to engage, prep questions or do the research . When they do the short videos of interviews her body language shows just how little she seems to care. I don’t think it’s that she is incapable- imagine she can be a great broadcaster. I think she just doesn’t care about the issues, maybe is embarrassed about being linked with woman’s hour?

LivLongAndProsper · 30/09/2023 16:17

Agreed, now rarely even bother and i used to like it so much, I listened on catch up. The so called experts they've had on any time I've listened recently also usually annoy the hell out of me....being not actually experts at all.

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