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The Fall

23 replies

Cam · 23/02/2008 16:47

Has anyone seen them recently

I saw them in 1979 originally and they're on near me soon

Are they worth seeing now

OP posts:
violetskies · 24/02/2008 02:26

we saw them a couple of years ago, it was like the old days.

Cam · 24/02/2008 12:03

Thanks violetskies

Had the audience aged along with Mark E Smith

OP posts:
Tortington · 24/02/2008 12:07

i think rhubarbs dh went to see them 2 years ago - he is a big fan and it was a birthdya pressie

Cam · 24/02/2008 12:17

I've booked the tickets now - dd is away that weekend so no excuse not to go

OP posts:
Cam · 24/02/2008 12:23

So, are you coming Custy

OP posts:
IamTheSpeedingHam · 24/02/2008 13:14

can;t say i am a fan cam (tiz mecusty)

Cam · 24/02/2008 14:28

Why are you the speeding ham ?

OP posts:
DeeRiguer · 24/02/2008 18:42

have seen them about 50 times since 1980 ish
and if i could, babysitters permitting, i would go again again again
the line ups are always changing but its always the fall

DeeRiguer · 24/02/2008 18:44

audience is good mix in usually sweating wall dripping club

though i nearly knocked the heads of two 16 year old gals in the bogs
'dont see what the fuss it all about' they said!
i thought you will be boasting about this to your grandchildren, ladies
he is a poet imho

filthymindedvixen · 24/02/2008 18:47

dh went to see them last year but it was cancelled at the last moment. Another friend went to see them and had a ball but I expect it was ore to do with being let of the leash for a night, getting terribly drunk and behaving like an angry young man again!

janeite · 24/02/2008 18:56

I've not seen them for years but dp has seen them twice in the past 2 years or so and thought they were fantastic. I think old Mark E was a bit more coherent than in gigs 6 or 7 years ago, when he was just completely off his head before it even started.

DaDaDa · 24/02/2008 23:34

I last saw them in about 1989; still had Marcia on keyboards I think.

The thing I love about The Fall is that every album, every review, every time says 'a return to form'. When was the bad one then?! Lets be honest they do all sound the same.

Eat yourself fitter!

Cammelia · 11/05/2008 16:37

So the gig was last night. It was completely brilliant. It took me right back to musically-exciting era

drdad · 28/09/2008 21:16

Any nerdy fans readin Dave Simpson's 'The Fallen'?

Splendid book.

MegBusset · 28/09/2008 21:22

I've just finished MES' autobiography. Just like listening to some drunken old git rambling on in the pub all night... grumpy and often incomprehensible... still funny though!

drdad · 29/09/2008 18:48

I meant to type 'reading' of course. Just spotted that typo. Grrrr.

Strangely not drawn to MES's book as I suspect it would be like listening to some drunken old git rambling etc. Also felt the inevitably high level of petty score-settling might wear a bit thin.

policywonk · 29/09/2008 18:50

I like 'Bill is Dead' - are there any more like that?

skidoodle · 29/09/2008 19:28

I love, love, love the Fall

the rule with Fall gigs that the later in the day they are meant to be on the greater the chance that Mark E Smith will be an incoherent shambling mess.

I've seen them twice though and both times they were ace!

That's true DaDaDa about their constant "returns to form"

Right now I'm all about Heads Roll.

LOL @ DeeRigeur and the 16 year olds. I agree, MES is a poet.

retiredgoth · 29/09/2008 19:49

......not seen 'em live in 20 odd years. Last time I had the pleasure they had 2 drummers, Brix on geetar, and had just appeared on Whistle Test whilst Michael Clark danced with his jacksy hanging out. (I would link to you tube, but am confined to iPhone as the urchins have broken the screen on my laptop. Grrrr. )

Happy days.

I am given to understand by a Fall loving colleague that they sound much the same now though.....

NotAnOtter · 29/09/2008 19:53

The Fall do NOT rock
Mark E Smith is a cock
Saw em live in 87
lets just say it was less than heaven

MegBusset · 30/09/2008 20:56

I've seen them twice and they were terrible both times (due to MES being completely twatted). Still love 'em though.

mazzystar · 30/09/2008 21:02

Seen them a few times
Last time about 5 years ago, Mark E cvuld only manage abvut 25 mins
He's totally raddled
Tho' a genius

janeite · 30/09/2008 21:03

Lol NotAnOtter - if you can catch him sober enough, they are brilliant. I must admit though, that I don't know enough of their songs anymore to bother with going to see them.

My favourites will always be "Hilary" and "Victoria" (way better than The Kinks!).

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