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DD wants to know about a dead artist, who painted simplified jungle pictures for children......any ideas??

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KatyMac · 22/02/2008 16:28

So can anyone help

This isn't homework btw it's just interest

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KatyMac · 22/02/2008 16:29

No not for children - more like a child would draw/paint

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WendyWeber · 22/02/2008 16:32

Henri someone - Thoreau?

Ecmo · 22/02/2008 16:32

henri rousseau?

WendyWeber · 22/02/2008 16:33


Is it him?

WendyWeber · 22/02/2008 16:33

Snap, ecmo

KatyMac · 22/02/2008 16:34

Dear God - you guys are clever

DD insisted I put it here but I thought no chance

Thank you so much


OP posts:
KatyMac · 22/02/2008 16:51

Now she wants one that is just leaves not animals - btw that is not a smile it is gritted teeth

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