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music..linkin park ...anybody who has Minutes to Midnight..opening track is it meant to sound so

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ZippiBabes · 18/02/2008 17:48

..scratchy? the track is Wake

and if so er why?

i guess id look silly trying to get anohter if it is so tell me if you can

OP posts:
ZippiBabes · 18/02/2008 18:52


not a mumsnet band are they

it's not brilliant but not awful

and i like a couple of tracks quite a lot

OP posts:
PersonalClown · 18/02/2008 18:55

Yes it is supposed to sound like that!
Kind of like a intro to the album not a stand alone track if you get my meaning.

ZippiBabes · 18/02/2008 18:56

i suspected it was

think it should be more like that then

som we are pretending it's vinyl or sumat are we?

OP posts:
PersonalClown · 18/02/2008 19:09

I wouldn't have a clue!
I'm lost just listening to Ds humming along to Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day

ZippiBabes · 18/02/2008 23:40

how did you know then?

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