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So St Caitlin was on BBC4 last night....

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rantinghousewife · 25/01/2008 19:56

discussing 90s music and apparently she is personally responsible for Cobains demise (Tut tut St C, he was the icon of a generation after all).
Anyone else see it?
And btw, I was one of the 12 people who bought that edition of MM.

OP posts:
southeastastra · 25/01/2008 19:57

yes i saw it, she waffled on a bit but i liked her top.

doesn't she look like ginger spice

rantinghousewife · 25/01/2008 19:58

Lol, dh said that!
I thought she was quite funny, mind you Goldie looked like he wanted to blow HIS brains out with boredom when they started discussing grunge!

OP posts:
Pruners · 25/01/2008 19:59

Message withdrawn

rantinghousewife · 25/01/2008 20:02

Dh was particularly smug because she said that Cher's I believe is a great record!!

OP posts:
southeastastra · 25/01/2008 20:03

men and music though

i liked goldie, he didn't seem to remember anything

Pruners · 25/01/2008 20:03

Message withdrawn

rantinghousewife · 25/01/2008 20:09

That Paulo bloke was a bit of an arse though, I vaguely remember him from the NME.

OP posts:
Maidamess · 25/01/2008 20:10

I thought it was Geri Halliwell when I switched it on....

southeastastra · 25/01/2008 20:12

paulo just seemed to want to talk about oasis.

i love stuarts shirts. though he's getting two chins!

rantinghousewife · 25/01/2008 20:14

Hasn't he always had 2 chins, I remember him from the NME aswell, although I do like him. Am rather fond of Mark Radcliffe too (but not in THAT way, I hasten to add)

OP posts:
Ledodgy · 25/01/2008 20:16

I watched it too and thought exactly the same re Geri Halliwell! I do like CM though or should I say LV.

hunkermunker · 25/01/2008 20:20

Not quite understanding the Cobain demise thing. What?!

rantinghousewife · 25/01/2008 20:22

Did you not watch it hunker?

OP posts:
southeastastra · 25/01/2008 20:23

she wrote in the mm that courtney had slept with billy from the smashing pumpkins and had liked it or something, kurt read it and shot himself .

come on here and post caitlin! bet she has some stories

rantinghousewife · 25/01/2008 20:27

Am not easily starstruck but am very impressed that CM met Courtney Love. Even more impressed she engineered the downfall of an 'icon of a generation'. Do you think she plotted that from her plaid lined palace?

OP posts:
southeastastra · 25/01/2008 20:28

am sure he had other things to worry about , i remember being dead jealous of caitlin, writing for music papers at such a young age.

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