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what time do the spice girls appear on stage?

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keresley · 14/01/2008 21:40

I am going to a spice girl concert tomorrow night at o2 arena. I don't want to see the support acts so what time should I get there for? Anyone who has seen the concert, can you klet me know. Thanks in advance.

OP posts:
ComeOVeneer · 14/01/2008 21:42

No idea, but I feel Culture vultures isn't the most appropriate topic title to post this in

Elfsmummy · 14/01/2008 21:43

We arrived at about 7.50.

About 10 minutes after we arrived it said over the tannoy that they'd be on in 5 minutes. In reality it started about 20 minutes after that - so about 8.15

There are no support acts so don't get there too early although the atmosphere in the arena was electric and very good fun.

Enjoy - it was AMAZING

Elfsmummy · 14/01/2008 21:44

LOL COV I hadn't noticed that!

keresley · 14/01/2008 21:48

Thank you Elfsmummy.

OP posts:
ComeOVeneer · 14/01/2008 22:09

Sorry keresley, I wasn't making fun of you, hope you have a great evening tomorrow.

MargoWishesYouAHappyNooNooYear · 14/01/2008 22:11

They came on at 8.45 on Friday, my sister went the week before and they started at 8.15. No support acts.

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