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How often to you pursue " cultural activities"?

31 replies

boronia · 12/04/2022 08:54

I'm inspired by another thread where a few posters say there aren't enough cultural activities in Australia and thus prefer life in the UK. Obviously this was only one of several comparisons made - but I'd like to ask MNetters: how often would you attend a cultural activity: ballet, opera, live theatre, art gallery, writer's talk or festival?

OP posts:

TheBatKeeper · 12/04/2022 09:02

Tonight we are off (DH) and to see Madama Butterfly and tomorrow a friend and I are off to our local arts centre to watch a beamed in version of La Traviata.

Madama Butterfly is particularly poignant as we recently brought our mother in to the crematorium to the humming chorus.

However ever mindful that she had drama llama tendencies, as they closed the curtains, we played Va Pensiero. Grin


DoorLion · 12/04/2022 09:07

This week I’ve been to a talk by a writer and also a comedy show. I’ve got Hamilton and the Pet Shop Boys next month. We have an art gallery in town so I would say I’m in that quite often although not always for the art per se, they have events, meetings, a shop, a cafe…


aftonwater · 12/04/2022 09:11

About twice a month on average. If we have time off work it'll be a bit more.


elQuintoConyo · 12/04/2022 09:14

I'm currently on the train to Barcelona as we speak, doing the science museum and labrynth park.

Local band last weekend, another this weekend (tiny venues of 50!).

Wine tasting Thursday night.

Exhibition on Pixar with DD yesterday. Free.

I'd love to do a big concert or theatre or opera, but they're a night's stay away and the cost adds up. Out of our price range.

We live near a ton of Roman ruins, castles, hermitages etc, so go for a drive and a picnic and absorb all that.


FlickyCrumble · 12/04/2022 09:16

Well we’ve been to cultural outdoor museum, being to the cinema, a local art gallery, theatre for a play and a musical, will be going to a rock show at weekend, eaten out 4? times all in the last 2 weeks and all with primary kids.


JoanOgden · 12/04/2022 09:16

Probably twice or three times a week - this week is two concerts and an art exhibition. I don't have children which makes it easier (though I do invite my adolescent goddaughters along sometimes!).


Samanabanana · 12/04/2022 09:17

I've been to the theatre twice in a week but it's to see children's theatre. Does that count? Grin


boronia · 12/04/2022 10:07

@Samanabanana you bet it does!

OP posts:

PermanentTemporary · 12/04/2022 10:09

About twice a month at the moment. Most recently seeing Straight Line Crazy at the Bridge Theatre - highly recommended. I'm a member at the local big museum/gallery so that I can easily drop in to exhibitions, went to the most recent one about a fortnight ago.


Aroundtheworldin80moves · 12/04/2022 10:11

Theatre, ballet etc.... very rare. Too expensive. Kids saw Peter Pan yesterday
Museums.... again for children, no time for just adult
Art galleries... see above

I do free stuff I can do from home!


Calennig · 12/04/2022 10:15

We mainly do museums, castles and historical places and art galleries and that's usually once a month.

However Theatre rare due to prices - but usually once a year though can be longer.

Ballet, opera, writer's talk - not since had the childen - though festival possibly but it usually more stalls and odd thing on.


zafferana · 12/04/2022 10:19

Over the year I would say it probably averages out as a couple of times a month. I go to museums/exhibitions in London quite regularly and on holiday we always visit local museums and archaeological sites. But we very rarely go a theatre and I have no interest in classical music or opera. Since Covid I love that a lot of stuff is available online, like the Hay Festival - I could never take 10 days to go and stay in Wales and listen to authors talking about books - but now I can watch it all at home, which is amazing!


Triffid1 · 12/04/2022 10:21

Isn't the culture thing about proximity? I'm from a small but cosmopolitan city and now live on the London/Surrey border. For all that I live basically in one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world, because of DC, distance etc, I don't do nearly as much cultural stuff as I did in my hometown or I would if I still lived there.

I took DS out for a day in London the other day - museum, show etc. we had an absolutely fabulous day. But it required military precision planning to organise trains, childcare etc.

When we visit my parents, in the morning my mum might say, "ooh, there's a lovely exhibition at xx gallery, why don't we go along today." and we'll buy tickets, jump in a car, and off we go. I miss that.

Which is my longwinded way of saying I do a lot less now, even living with lots of opportunities on my "doorstep". I'm sure if we lived closer to central london or even in a London suburb we'd do more.


Triffid1 · 12/04/2022 10:23

Oh, and yes re prices. That's another barrier. DS and I had a great day, but even without the educational stuff I got him at the museum, the total cost for the day was over £100 by the time I'd paid for entrance tickets, the show (not theatre - educational at museum, theatre would have been even more), train tickets, parking at train station, food etc.


Calennig · 12/04/2022 10:23

My DH was a post graudate student in London - he was only one who made sure he wandered around at weekends did as much free stuff as he could and planned doing the tourist things that cost throughout his time.

He said every year the same thing happened people who been there for a serious amount of time suddenly tried to fit everything London into last few frantic weeks.

Friends from London who moved to northen city said the same - thing were on door step but even going out for a night out cost so much they found they did much more in northen city than in London.

I suspect our moves around UK mean we've done more than most people because it's all new and not there all the time.


Calennig · 12/04/2022 10:25

DH was very central in London- everything really was on his doorstep but fellow students still didn't go till they were all leaving.


boronia · 12/04/2022 10:36

Yes I think price is a barrier for a lot of cultural events. We started going to the opera about 10 years ago but can only afford to go once a year.
I love that more of everything is streamed now.

OP posts:

TheBatKeeper · 12/04/2022 11:36

We ordered the tickets to Madama Butterfly ages ago, so the cost has been absorbed IYKWIM.

However we got an email through asking us from a Covid point of view to pre order drinks.

They want nigh on £7 for a snipe of absolutely average white wine and a similar WTF amount for an IPA (from a tin, Shock much to my DH's chagrin) if we have a drink before the show and at the interval that is another £30, plus petrol, plus parking, we are eating before we go at this rate. Grin


PermanentTemporary · 12/04/2022 11:46

My membership of the local museum/gallery is £45 a year and that's good value because i use it. I agree its a lot if you don't go much.

Also agree about travel - rail fares cost more than our £19 tickets at the Bridge Theatre.


AuntieMarys · 12/04/2022 11:52

We have Art fund cards and use them regularly for galleries/ exhibitions. Travel to London for big exhibitions every couple of months. Theatre used to be twice a month when I lived in London but not so often now.


Hobbittingaroundtown · 12/04/2022 12:02

Several times a month - I go to a concert or opera 1-2x a month, plus museums/galleries. I’m a member of the British Museum which is cost-effective if you go to the paid exhibitions.


boronia · 12/04/2022 12:11

@Hobbittingaroundtown I've been to the UK twice ( live in Melbourne) and both times could not get enough of the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert. Absolutely incredible collections.

OP posts:

mrziggycoco · 12/04/2022 12:17

I made a cultural education day part of my child's education and we go somewhere once a week now. We've been to museums, local beauty spots, and art galleries so far. There is a lot where I live.


Comefromaway · 12/04/2022 12:22

Theatre and music is our "thing" we go to the theatre instead of going on holiday.


Hobbittingaroundtown · 12/04/2022 13:21

@boronia I love it. They had a really fantastic exhibition recently on pre-colonial Peru. There’s currently an exhibition on about Stonehenge, I’ve been twice already Grin

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