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The MACCABBEES - on Robert Elms now...

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MaryAnnSingleton · 08/01/2008 14:40

I do like them, anyone else ? (hope I've spelled their name right)

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MegaLegs · 08/01/2008 14:43

Is that the one with the lead singer called Orlando Weeks? I used to teach him - I am so old.

MaryAnnSingleton · 08/01/2008 14:44

gosh,I don't know - will listen out -they've just said f**k accidentally on air...

OP posts:
PerkinWarbeck · 08/01/2008 14:44

what station?

love Latchmere.

MegaLegs · 08/01/2008 14:47

Latchmere? The leisure centre?

MaryAnnSingleton · 08/01/2008 14:47

bbc radio london 94.9fm

OP posts:
PerkinWarbeck · 08/01/2008 14:48

the Maccabees have a paean to that very pool!

PerkinWarbeck · 08/01/2008 14:50

GLR - of course.

thought there was a teeny chance Robert Elms had moved own. Should have known better .

MaryAnnSingleton · 08/01/2008 14:51

yep, he's there between 12 and 3 every week day...plays quite a few good things

OP posts:
PerkinWarbeck · 08/01/2008 14:57

I've defected to 6music mostly. I am a little bit in love with Shaun Keavney. But maybe Robert can win me back.

MaryAnnSingleton · 08/01/2008 15:27

there's Gary Crowley too on Saturday evening !

OP posts:
MaryAnnSingleton · 08/01/2008 17:03

hey megalegs - it is Orlando Weeks !

OP posts:
Spidermama · 08/01/2008 17:05

Robert Elms plays some great stuff especially on a Friday.

He does witter on though doesn't he?

Spidermama · 08/01/2008 17:07

I LOVE that people are still calling the station GLR. Do you know there's a GLR nostalgia group on Facebook which is quite amusing.

mumemma · 08/01/2008 17:09

I fancy Robert Elms - is that weird?

aDad · 08/01/2008 17:14

megalegs - yep, latchmere really is about the latchmere leisure centre bizarrely enough! "It's got a wave machine" goes the song. And they are right.

I remember that single but have lost sight of them since tbh.

Spidermama · 08/01/2008 17:16

Yes mumemma it is a bit if I'm honest.

aDad · 08/01/2008 17:19

(sorry Perkin only spotted after that you'd already said the song is about the leisure centre. I'm always doing that.)

MaryAnnSingleton · 08/01/2008 17:34

I'm trying to persuade ds to buy the album from iTunes with his Christmas voucher...

OP posts:
MegaLegs · 08/01/2008 17:47

That's right,it has got a wave machine - I remember. I was a nanny in Wandsworth Common and used to take my charges there - it was fab. I then taught at a little pre prep school in same area which is where I taught Orlando - (was classroom assistant at that stage.) He was a dark haired, very handsome quiet little chap.

Jaquetta Wheeler the mogel went there too - think they were same year.

Spidermama · 08/01/2008 18:30

I've spent many a happy hour dog walking on Wandsworth Common. I once walked over the pond to the island there when it was covered in ice.

mumemma · 08/01/2008 18:31

Lol spidermama, it's a bit of an old crush - I used to fancy him and Richard Jobson. They're both looking a bit knackered now.

rantinghousewife · 08/01/2008 18:38

He was for a long time very, very anti establishment, was Robert Elms and then I spotted him in Grazia showing off his chi chi Christmas home complete with tree on back porch...[barf] What's that all about?!

MegaLegs · 08/01/2008 19:03

We use dto feed the Canada geese on that pond Spider. Did you live close by? I lived in Brodrick Road, just off Trinity Road between Wandsworth Common and Tooting Bec, then Boundaries Rd which was more Balham way.

MaryAnnSingleton · 08/01/2008 19:19

I saw that too ranting - someone on Radio London mentioned it,so I took a look in WH Smith - very cute half oriental children though

OP posts:
southeastastra · 08/01/2008 19:21

i quite like robert, he always makes me laugh.

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