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shallIswim · 18/09/2021 17:17

I lived in London many moons ago so know my way round. But I'm totally out of the loop culturally. We're having a trip up to London in early October. Is there any art/galleries/events p[eople can totally recommend that we ought to be booking? Not so fussed about theatre at the moment but art generally - ideas please! xx

OP posts:
DarlingCoffee · 19/09/2021 09:09

It’s meant to be overhyped but I’d be intrigued to visit this

MrsFin · 19/09/2021 09:48

There's a Banksy exhibition in Covent Garden

languagelover96 · 20/09/2021 16:28

This is a list of ideas
Dinner out at a restaurant and a theater trip
Art gallery visit and a pub for lunch
A picnic and a hotel room
China town and a look at the shops there

Use TripAdvisor for more recommendations and ideas. Make a list of options and take it from there.

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