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Beowulf....? Any good? Need suggestions for what to see at the cinema:)

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purpleduck · 24/11/2007 18:17

Going to the cinema tonight, anyone see Beowulf? Any suggestions?

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SantaBeClausImWorthIt · 24/11/2007 18:19

I went to the premiere , with dh and we thought it was a load of twaddle!

Special effects are brilliant, and it did get good reviews. The Guardian do a summary of all the papers different reviews and I think it ended with an average of 7 out of 10.

We're not really fans of fantasy type of stuff, which is probably why we weren't so keen! And we probably need to stick to our day jobs.

Hope you enjoy it!

purpleduck · 25/11/2007 21:47

Didn't go to Beowulf, went to see Stardust instead, and it was fantastic... I can't remember when i was so entertained by a movie. Which is why I am resurrecting a dead post just felt like I should spread the word!!!

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