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Culture vultures

Where words prevail not, violence prevails

12 replies

Beetroot · 18/11/2007 21:17

Isn't that a great quote

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Beetroot · 18/11/2007 21:36


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moondog · 18/11/2007 21:37

Is it?
I think it's meaningless.

Beetroot · 18/11/2007 21:38

I love it - - we need to talk - it is so obviosu but so rarely happens

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moondog · 18/11/2007 21:39

I was thinking on a macro level-ranting dictators and the like who justify acts of violence with complicated rhetoric.

Beetroot · 18/11/2007 21:41

oh no - in my mind it is all about not communicating - on a small scale and a large scale - not talking to each other -

not listening, allowing each other to talk and adapting.

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moondog · 18/11/2007 21:42

Yes,true enough.
I am trying to say the very same to someone on another thread who is having counselling. I am so bloody suspicious of 'counselling'.
A proper (free) conversation could sort out many things.

Beetroot · 18/11/2007 21:44

yes in most cases although a good moderator helps too

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moondog · 18/11/2007 21:45

Ministers and priests have offered this for free for years thoguh.

manchita · 18/11/2007 21:59

I think it is a great quote on many levels;
Having freedom of speech
Communication and the desire to communicate
The importance of open and non-judgemental debate
All of these things can directly oppose violence. The oppresion of them can breed violence.

Beetroot · 18/11/2007 22:02

moondog - they are pnly useful if you have faith

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Beetroot · 19/11/2007 06:44

totally manchita

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Beetroot · 19/11/2007 10:07


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