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John Betjeman statue at St Pancras

11 replies

MaryAnnSingleton · 13/11/2007 11:34

Has anyone seen it yet ? it's meant to be lovely - I love Betjeman !

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MaryAnnSingleton · 13/11/2007 11:39


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MaryAnnSingleton · 13/11/2007 11:43

no JB fans out there ?

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MerryAnnSinglemas · 13/11/2007 17:12


ChippyMinton · 13/11/2007 17:16

havn't seen it but someone was talking to the sculptor on the radio. Apparently his daughter said it was lovely but needed to be scruffed up a bit, as far too neat and tidy. His shoelaces are undone

here's a picture

MerryAnnSinglemas · 13/11/2007 18:12

thank you chippy - I was searching for a picture earlier - it's just how I imagined it to look !

ChippyMinton · 13/11/2007 18:24

martin jennnings was talking to libby purves

Marina · 13/11/2007 18:28

Oh, that pic is lovely
We have that ridiculous video of Late Flowering Lust, with the Cholmondeleys and the Featherstonehaughs and the late and perfectly cast Nigel Hawthorne in it
Big Betjeman fan here

MerryAnnSinglemas · 13/11/2007 18:31

I had records of JB reading poems with music by (and I'm ashamed to say I can't remember the name - someone Parker - in fact I saw them playing years ago- it'll come back to me !) I love the poem about the crunchy gravel drive ways - Wendy's party - lemon curd and christmas cake - and the one about his father dying

MerryAnnSinglemas · 13/11/2007 18:32

also,I'm pretty sure I saw him once in a wheelchair outside the Chenil Gallery in Kings Road (I used to workupstairs above the gallery)

Marina · 13/11/2007 18:45

Jim Parker - he did the music on the LFL film too

MerryAnnSinglemas · 13/11/2007 19:23

yes, Jim Parker - thanks Marina !

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