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Noughts and Crosses - booked to see the play BUT...

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BeetrootMNRoyalty · 27/10/2007 12:05

I hav booked for all of us 13,12,10 and 8 year old kids

Before reading the book

Now worried about 8 year old - the ending is shocking.

DS1 (13) says - let her read the book first. I say NO way. He says then you shouldn't take her to the show. OK CLEVER CLOGGS

But it is like R&J and I would take her to that.

What do you reckon?

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BeetrootMNRoyalty · 27/10/2007 12:22


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DeathByPruners · 27/10/2007 12:24

I googled it (thought you might be taking them to see the great Ken Stott playing Rebus on Stage...)

It does say over 11s for the book

Looks interesting

Do you have a sensitive 8-yr-old or tough as old boots?

BeetrootMNRoyalty · 27/10/2007 12:26

She will get involoved in it.

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BeetrootMNRoyalty · 27/10/2007 13:57


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BeetrootMNRoyalty · 27/10/2007 18:51

not an interesting topic then

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BeetrootMNRoyalty · 29/10/2007 18:16


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