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Is it very, very wrong to like Aly & AJ?

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UnquietDad · 18/10/2007 09:47

Song here

It's unashamedly commercial pop. But it's also feisty and funny. It kicks the Sugababes' pert little bottoms. The bit where Aly (or is it AJ?) sings "do you get that/ I want my stuff back!" just cracks me up.

And the bit in the instrumental break where AJ (or is it Aly?) pretends to play the guitar backs unwittingly into genius.

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TrickORTripletEm · 18/10/2007 09:57

I love them too!! (but not in that way!!!)

I think the word 'attitude' is what you are looking for

UnquietDad · 18/10/2007 12:09

I bet they are spoilt bratz (sic), but they seem to have a sese of humour.

OP posts:
southeastastra · 18/10/2007 12:10

yes it's wrong

UnquietDad · 19/10/2007 10:06

eeek! They are creationists.

Still, they're only about 18 so maybe they'll grow out of it.

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