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Aargh! I'm in a play - anyone want to come along and throw tomatoes? ;o)

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Lovecat · 07/09/2007 10:22

I hope I'm allowed to do this - please do delete this if it's too spam-ish...

As part of my ongoing drive to have some sort of a life that doesn't involve dd, I have joined a local drama group. It's been brilliant fun and a great confidence booster - I feel like I've got a bit of 'me' back, iykwim...

Anyway, a month ago I went to some auditions and, with a steaming cold, thought 'no chance' - well, I only got a part, didn't I?

The director has asked that we try and publicise it whenever/wherever we can - I'm not the pushiest of people in RL and feel like I'm being rather big-headed saying 'ooh, come and see me' to my friends and family... but I'm quite brave in cyberspace

So... after all that self-justification, here's the link to the play: Two

If you're in East London and have nothing better to do... it's a great play and everyone else in it is fab, so come along!

OP posts:
PandaG · 07/09/2007 17:45

I'm not in London but will give you a bump and wish you well

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