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They are filming Ballet Shoes (with Hermione & Victoria Wood)...

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WendyWeber · 30/08/2007 20:59

......not sure Hermione will work as Pauline Fossil...

LOL at "Noel Streetfeild" (more than once)

OP posts:
Kathyis6incheshigh · 30/08/2007 21:01

Oh yes, I read about that - how they had real trouble casting Posy because it was so hard to find a gel who could both dance and talk proper.

MaryAnnSingleton · 30/08/2007 21:03

I heard that too Kathy - someone who can talk in the old fashioned way, not just posh !

islandofsodor · 31/08/2007 11:33

The problem wasn't so much with the way the children spoke, but that they wanted someone who was very small and could dance en pointe.

These days reputable dance schools won't put girls en pointe until they are about 12 years as it can be bad for their development whereas in the past it used to be around 9 or 10.

But of course it made for better publicity that "gels" don't "speak proper"

Kathyis6incheshigh · 31/08/2007 14:36

Ooh that's interesting Islandofsodor.
I do think it's fascinating how stories get manipulated for maximum publicity.

WendyWeber · 31/08/2007 14:42

Spelling now "corrected" to Streatfield. They do their best, don't they, bless them.

I remember the Posy in the BBC's version of Ballet Shoes - she was a heffalump, I don't know how old she was but she couldn't have been less like the dainty little red-headed elf in the drawings. Very poor casting. I hope this lot manage to improve on that (maybe they could do an animation instead )

OP posts:
MarsLady · 31/08/2007 14:44

Oh that was my favourite book in primary school!

MarsLady · 31/08/2007 14:47

I like the piece that they've written about Emma Watson. She seems sensible. Still determined to study.

Me... I'd buy and island in the Caribbean and just read! Sigh..............

turquoise · 31/08/2007 14:54

Ooooh - currently dd's favourite book, she's squealing with excitement.

[Astounding spelling in our local paper - a whole page of houses for sale being "extremely SORT after"]

WendyWeber · 31/08/2007 14:54

Cast list from imdb

They appear to be doing without Sylvia altogether (unless Richard Griffiths or Robert Hardy is playing her, lol)

OP posts:
turquoise · 31/08/2007 14:57

But Emilia Fox is mentioned in the original piece, not credited in the imdb bit though?

fishie · 31/08/2007 14:58

ooh the heidi thomas person who is writing the screenplay also did I capture the castle, so perhaps it will be very authentic. that is a very short cast list, there must be more...

WendyWeber · 31/08/2007 15:02

So she is - thanks, fishie, I'd skimmed over that. RG is GUM (forever type-cast as an odd uncle now ) - who will RH be then? One of the tenants???

Angela Thorne played Sylvia in the BBC one, she was perfect. Emilia Fox is the same physical type but too highly-strung for Sylvia (IMHO of course)

OP posts:
southeastastra · 31/08/2007 15:05

i loved the tv series in the 70s. wonder why they never re-show it. i'd look sad taking a 6 year old boy to see the new one

WendyWeber · 31/08/2007 15:11

Sorry turq, it was you, not fishie

OP posts:
MamaG · 31/08/2007 15:11

it will be utterly ruined for me, now I know Victoria Wood is in it.

I can't bear her.

Tamum · 31/08/2007 15:16

I am looking forward to this. I remember the 70s version too. Can't think who Robert Hardy would play- too old for any of the boarders, surely? Mr Simpson (?- the one with the car) was about the only bloke, too.

WendyWeber · 31/08/2007 15:18

Hello, tamum!

Was there a male drama coach?

OP posts:
WendyWeber · 31/08/2007 15:21

Or maybe one of the actors in one of the plays Pauline is in as a child? There's a bit where she gets sent back to the dressing-room and the understudy gets to play the part...or the film she does, as Charles II's sister? (I may have details wrong as I srudge around the recesses of my tiny brian )

OP posts:
Tamum · 31/08/2007 15:21

Hello ww I can't remember a male drama coach personally. It was the two female doctors that did most of the drama IIRC, but maybe there was someone at Madame Wotsit's academy?

Tamum · 31/08/2007 15:22

Yes, that's right, but he'd be a bit old for Charles II I would have thought. Hmm, what a puzzle

JackieNo · 31/08/2007 15:25

Does this help - may be a bit out of date for some of them, but looks as if Robert Hardy is Sir Donald Houghton.

stealthsquiggle · 31/08/2007 15:27

I thought the actor was supposed to be too old for the role as well? I definitely don't remember any male teachers at the academy.

KateF · 31/08/2007 15:31

Houghton is the actor who gives Pauline the role of King Edward after being in A Midsummer Night's dream with her and Petrova. (Just finished reading Ballet Shoes to dd1!)

JackieNo · 31/08/2007 15:34

Thanks KateF - it's years since I read it, but I've just ordered it second hand from Amazon.

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