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Help me identify this piece for voice choir - about refugees

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EscapeFrom · 26/08/2007 18:40

I know it's about refugees, and I think the person who wrote it may have been eastern european, and it's for a voice choir.

It sounds like 12/8, it's a soaring tune, if you see what I mean, and it's very haunting. In a major key.


OP posts:
EscapeFrom · 26/08/2007 19:07


OP posts:
EscapeFrom · 26/08/2007 21:18

please it's driving me nuts

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jura · 27/08/2007 15:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsBadger · 27/08/2007 15:44

what kind of choir?
not from A Day In A Life, is it?

CissyCharlton · 27/08/2007 15:49

Is it Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves by Verdi?

MrsBadger · 27/08/2007 16:08

where might you have heard it?
were they singing in English?

EscapeFrom · 27/08/2007 18:41

cissycharlton BINGO!

That's the one! I think it's so beautiful - sorry my clues were crappy

OP posts:
CissyCharlton · 27/08/2007 19:43

I am so pleased to have helped you; your clues weren't crappy at all.

I do wonder though, how I can pluck information like this out of my head when very often I can't even remember the names of my own Dc!

jura · 28/08/2007 09:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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