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Is this meat safe to eat?

4 replies

Chupchup · 25/09/2019 05:29

Sorry fot the lame question but im a vegetarian. I got some mince out of the freezer on Monday night, can I feed it to the dc tonight? It's been defrosting in the fridge.

OP posts:
Chupchup · 25/09/2019 05:30

This was supposed to be in chat!!!!!

OP posts:
BetterEatCheese · 25/09/2019 05:31

I would say so.

Broken11Girl · 25/09/2019 05:32

I wondered what exotic meat it was Grin Yeah should be fine.

Greyhound22 · 25/09/2019 05:33

It should be alright. Is it beef mince? I don't eat red meat but you should be able to tell by the smell - if it's 'vinegary' then bin it but generally if it was in the fridge it would have taken a while to defrost slowly anyway. I would use it today though.

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