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Wishes in the Dark

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Davros · 12/09/2004 21:14

(for Abby)

Sometimes when she's sleeping
I can see in my mind's eye
the little girl I thought I had,
the one who said good-bye.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
hands folded by her cheek
I close my eyes and see before me
a child who can speak.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
she seems so whole and well0
I can't believe she won't awaken
with dreams of which to tell.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
and the tears in my eyes overflow,
I steal what kisses I can in the dark
and wonder what joys she will know.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
and my eyes ache with tears unshed,
I pray she'll always be full of peace
as she slumbers in her bed.

Sometimes when she's sleeping
I can almost hear her say
"I love you, Mom, with my heart
and my soul, each and every day".

But always when she's sleeping=
I am full of pride
at the miracle that is my daughter
and the perfection that is inside.

copyright1999 by Lisa Esmond

OP posts:
coddychops · 12/09/2004 21:15

I wish int eh dark that dh would stop snoring

Beccarollover · 12/09/2004 21:16

I wish in the dark that i could find the lightswitch

Beccarollover · 12/09/2004 21:16

fnar fnar fnarrrrrrrr

JanH · 12/09/2004 21:17

Davros dear, are you perfectly all right tonight?

Twiglett · 12/09/2004 21:17

message withdrawn

Davros · 12/09/2004 21:20

REPEAT: Just explaining, I hate these poems and said I would post them all here so they have less reason to appear elsewhere (will repeat this disclaimer wherever necessary!)

OP posts:
serenequeen · 12/09/2004 21:58

lalala i'm not listening....

coppertop · 12/09/2004 22:10

Wishes in the dark:

  • I wish I'd paid that bl**dy electricity bill.
    -I wish I could remember where I put the candles.
    -I wish I owned a torch.
ks · 13/09/2004 11:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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