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Whre can I take my oversees guest?

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ThomCat · 28/06/2007 11:43

I'm taking her out on Saturday evening and thought I might take her to see a play or something?????

Don't know what's on that I'll be able to get tickets for now.

We're in London.

She loves anything to do with Africa and art if that's at allhelpful, but it doesn't have to be anything to do with africa or art!


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ThomCat · 28/06/2007 12:22

Oh you lot!

well I looked at Wicked but too pricey tbh.
Just want cheap, cheerful, fun, available, London type entertainment.

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ThomCat · 28/06/2007 13:48


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bagsundereyes · 28/06/2007 13:53

How about a stroll along the Southbank, grab some food, then to see John Hegley et al at the newly, beautifully refurbished RFH.

Not like I'm obsessed with south London or anything...

aDad · 28/06/2007 13:57

what about anthony gormley exhib at Hayward and do that same stroll along south bank...

Otherwise don't know, I'm not very experienced in saturday evenings at the moment.

ThomCat · 28/06/2007 14:13

will google yor ideas now, thanks both.

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ThomCat · 01/07/2007 09:26

Adad - went to the Anthony Gormley exhibition - brilliant. Really enjoyed it and had a right giggle, something to eat at Waggamama's and last tube home. So thanks for the nod on that one, it was great

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aDad · 01/07/2007 09:33

Nice one TC! Glad you had fun.

Now I've got to try and get there myself!

ThomCat · 01/07/2007 09:44

The Blind Light thing is amazing, but don't go if you get asthma or get claustraphobic. If you can't go into Blind Light it's not really worth going at all tbh. It's all good but it really is all about Blind Light.

OP posts:
aDad · 01/07/2007 09:53

have heard about the blind light one. sounds quite mad. will deffo try and go.

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