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Friend played Beethoven on request.

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Pan · 30/05/2007 00:30

just a lovely experience.

I knew he was learning the piano, and we were out at a party on Sunday night in a 'music-venue ' pub in town. I casually asked if he had come across Fur Else or Moonlight Sonata as yet.....we went to the piano in the corner..and played both peices straight of, with me sat beside him. IT was so effing brilliant. He was cheered at the end of each peice, and then told me it was the first time he had played in front of anyone!!

ah. just so lovely....

OP posts:
alipiggie · 30/05/2007 00:35

I always play Beethoven when I've had a bad day - it's very uplifting. So impressed by people who can play be ear like that. I need my music. . How you doing Pan? How's Derbyshire?

Pan · 30/05/2007 00:38

hi allie! - it was in The Globe in the high street. I was soooo proud!!

Derbyshire's VERY green at mo.....lots of rain and it hot,hot,hot in Col.???

OP posts:
alipiggie · 30/05/2007 00:40

Awesome as they say over here. Been in the high 80's (f) this weekend. Terrific thunderstorms all day here, but still amazing. I love the huge skies they have here - goes with Moonlight Sonata have to say . Will send some of my Colorado sunshine your way very shortly.

alipiggie · 30/05/2007 00:41

Never asked you- whereabouts in Scotland are you from?? I lived just outside Glasgow, Straiton and Fife (that was not a good move!!!!)

Pan · 30/05/2007 00:50

ah! Am a Bellshill boy, in Lanarkshire, about 8 miles SE of knows Bellshill so I just say Glasgow normally {smile]......

yes please to all of that sun! The avalanching snow you sent in winter worked a treat!!!!!

OP posts:
alipiggie · 30/05/2007 01:01

Bellshill . I lived in Kilsyth - sure you know that one. Both my boys were born at the Princess Royal - much improved on Rotten Row. And will send over the sunshine asap.

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