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Piano music suggestions for a very out-of-practice and probably by now completely rubbish player please

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berolina · 10/05/2007 20:32

I was an OK pianiat (grade 7/8 standard) once upon a time, but have completely lost it through years and years of no piano and no easy access to one.

During this time I played some keyboard in a band on and off, but that was it. I have perfect pitch and enjoy messing around, improvising and playing things I've heard, but have really got out of practice at playing from scores and as it was never my really strong point in the first place, am really crap now.

Anyway, we've bought a second-hand piano - not a particularly 'good' or expensive one, but I'm a bit in love with it already - and I need some suggestions to get me restarted.

Anyone? I've got to go and deal with ds in a moment ( - bedtimes gone utterly to pot since our house move and various other upheavals) but will be back later on this evening. TIA

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Califrau · 10/05/2007 20:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

berolina · 10/05/2007 20:45


You coming to Deutschland? (Is there time for a visit to B?) Or one of our mutual friends going over to you?

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WriggleJiggle · 10/05/2007 20:50

The Complete Piano Player by Kenneth Baker is a great book, but doesn't go up to grade 7/8 level. It does start very basic but progresses quickly - the sort of book that might be useful until you 'find your feet' again and start remembering everything.

berolina · 10/05/2007 20:51

Thanks I think I've heard of it before - will have a look.

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Califrau · 10/05/2007 22:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsSpoon · 10/05/2007 22:39

It might be too easy for you berolina but I like the It's Easy to Play ... series (Amazon have quite of few). Like you I have come back to piano playing after a long break. I was not quite up to your standards, more like Grade 5/6 and have found since taking it up again I'm quite liking more 'popular' type music as it's easier to pick up and put down as when the mood suits me.

multitasker · 10/05/2007 22:44

Find something around grade 3-4 standard and see if it makes sense, then work from there. Theres no easy solution - just lots of pratice and patience. I'm doing my grade 8 in June (should be praticing now...) and was a restart a few years ago after a gap of almost 20 years - you'll be surprised how quickly it comes together.
Good luck. P.S - don't forget to get piano tuned.

berolina · 10/05/2007 22:48

Thanks all. The tuning is booked

Cali - lovely! I take it she'll be picking up some books while she's over...

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berolina · 10/05/2007 22:49

(oh, and good luck multitasker!)

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Califrau · 10/05/2007 22:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fedda · 14/05/2007 21:27

Hi, TIA, sorry I haven't seen your message before but in case you're still loking for some ideas, please visit your local library and borrow some music you love. It might be Chopin's works or any other classical somposer you would really like to play again and again. There are some lovely Shubert's pieces or may be Debussy's. i think it's very important to play music which has it's magic qualities for YOU which will encourage you to practice more. If we are interested in something we always find some time for it, I believe. Woith egular practice you'll make a very good progress quickly gaining what you used to play in the past. Try to find some time several times in a day. We are all busy and sometimes it's hard to dedicate a long time to practice. Often people think they have 10 minutes but it's not enough. If you have 10 minutes now, 10 minutes later, etc., you will be surprised how much you can achieve if you have some clear targets. Good luck!

babygrand · 15/05/2007 22:13

The 'Classics to Moderns' series might be a good selection to start with.

USAUKMum · 18/05/2007 08:20

Hi berolina -- I'm in the same boat. Haven't played for probably 13 yrs and just got a piano for DD to start to learn. I downloaded a piece I really loved (one that I had played for a couple years before not playing) I found on a free sheet music website. And started with that. And Yeah I can do that one now after practicing only about 5 - 10 min a day. So have bought The Library of Piano Classics.

Also luckily, my mother has kept a lot of music so she is bringing some of my jazz pieces over too.

Just don't get frustrated that you can't play as you could all those years comes back (if slowly). It took me a while to read some of the notes !

pandi52 · 20/05/2007 09:36

Berolina, Ludovico Einaudi composes really easy listening, relaxing piano music. Now, i am a rusty grade fiver, and i can manage it, you being a rusty grade eighter should find it wee buns. The fabulous thing is anyone listening will think you are a musical genius!! Its really rewarding to play. Let me know how you get on!!!

DiscoFever · 29/05/2007 11:44

i would also recommend you WARM UP with all the major scales, try hands separately then build up to hands together for four octaves. I teach piano and have a few adult re-freshers in each week and scales are such a good tool not only to warm up with but to aid the hands together co-ordination. What did you like playing before? Why dont you aim to take an exam in say a years time - it will give you a goal and i am sure there will be many learning points in the pieces you choose. I would recommend the ABRSM jazz syllabus which goes up to grade 5 if you like improvising - they are brilliant fun. If you where grade 7-8 standard aim a little lower(grade 6 is fab at the moment - especially the Beethoven piece and the Bennett piece) and really brush up your techniques. Hope this helps! plus - sightread something new everyday - doesnt matter how long it is - pref around 12 bars? good luck!!!!

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