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Has anyone been to see Le Grande Cirque?

3 replies

ssd · 30/03/2007 14:01

I see its 2 and 1/2 hours long, do you think a 6 yr old would sit through it?

any help appreciated!

OP posts:
flack · 31/03/2007 14:07

Having watched C. du Soleil on telly, definitely. They are just so amazing (rivetting). As long as you have some snacks and a loo break or 2.

flack · 31/03/2007 14:08

Oh, damn, I got completely confused, didn't I, about which Cirque you meant? Why can't I do a delete post option, or at least a mightily embarrassed emoticon? Oh well, at least I bumped it for you!!

Anonnnnn · 31/03/2007 14:31

It is very similar to cirque soleil, in fact its quoted as being the 'new' cirque de soleil, so don't be embarrassed flack!

ssd i'm planning on taking my 4yr old it hadn't crossed my mind thats she'd get you've got me wondering....

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