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Can I sing? Honest feedback please!

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HappyMillicent · 30/03/2007 12:14

Argh! I am thinking of trying out for local amateur musical theatre group, they put on v. professional shows every year. I haven't been on a stage for 10 years and before I go through the ordeal of an audition, please tell me if I'm up to scratch or not. I won't be offended about any critical comments! I need them! I have no idea if I can sing (you always sound different than you think don'tcha!)

Can I sing?

I am singing "Only Hope" from "a walk to remember" which is a film I love! I have included a fun "Where's Wally" for you to do while listening! It's not a long clip! Argh!

Ps. Yes, I have changed my name for this post

OP posts:
NuttyMuffins · 30/03/2007 12:16

Sounds lovely, definatly go to the audition.

CadburyCremeSquonk · 30/03/2007 12:16

A bit wobbly in places, but on the whole, I would say YES.

willywonkasEgghunt · 30/03/2007 12:17

Erm, yes absolutely!!

TwirlyN · 30/03/2007 12:17

Yes you can sing, Go for it.

Molesworth · 30/03/2007 12:19

Yes you can certainly sing

can you belt 'em out in a theatre situation?

singing on video quite intimate so that's the only thing one can't tell from the clip

Boco · 30/03/2007 12:19

Yes you've got a lovely voice - go for it!

AND i found Wally!

DeviousDaffodil · 30/03/2007 12:19

You have a nice voice not star quality, but I would say good enough for an amatuer theatre group definitely.

Gobbledigook · 30/03/2007 12:22

Agree, couple of wobbles but otherwise absolutely lovely.

I can't sing my way out of a paper bag

NadineBaggott · 30/03/2007 12:22

Well you sing in tune so that's good but your voice sounded a bit 'tight' iykwim, like you were holding back?

I definitely go to the audition.

MegaLegs · 30/03/2007 12:27

Definately go for the audition - that sounded lovley - good for you

IntergalEGGticWalrus · 30/03/2007 12:28

Yes, you can sing! I reckon you'll get in no problems.

You voice does need a wee bit of training though. It might be worth getting a couple of lessons when you can, and if you can afford them.

DrDaddy · 30/03/2007 12:31

Your voice has a lovely tone to it. And it's very difficult to come across well on video, because the distortion can be awful...Slight wobble at the end, but not serious.
Definitely go to the audition.

wannaBeWhateverIWannaBe · 30/03/2007 12:33

you have nothing to lose by going for it. I find it interesting when people say "not star quality", as singing in your front room sounds vastly different to what it sounds like once a studio has re-mastered your voice iykwim. there are very few singers who sound the same on live performances as they do on a cd, especially akapella ones - eg with no microphone.

have you ever heard the sugarbabes live? dreadful. completely out of tune and ghastly. Not great on record but definitely a vast improvement to live.

anyway I waffle ... go for it.

themaskedpoEAster · 30/03/2007 12:33

well - i would LOVE to sing like that!



jura · 30/03/2007 16:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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