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Fav Shakespeare adaptations??

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monkeytrousers · 23/03/2007 22:18

Inspired by the quotes thread.

Watched the Ken Branagh/Laurie Fishburn Othello again the other day and was mesmerised ? it works soo well on film.

Summer?s a?coming so Branagh?s Much Ado will have to come out soon ? for all it?s faults the two leads are great.

Roman Polanski?s Macbeth is a neglected cinematic masterpiece too.

I?m looking for a good Lear if anyone?s seen one ? not one of the crap Trevor Nunn telly ones, but a proper cinematic adaptation?

OP posts:
monkeytrousers · 24/03/2007 01:06

Oh, come on - Beety at least - please!?

OP posts:
alipiggie · 24/03/2007 02:58

King Lear I'm sure this was a good one with Olivier that I saw at the cinema.

Beetrootccio · 24/03/2007 06:15

i really don't know many good cinemagic versions - I don't watch them on the tele.

Much ado is great fun but a little confusing at times. Don John story is really confusing as he has left out half of it.

I have heard that MSSD at straford this year is amazing - Tim Suppes indian one - but that is theatre not film

Jessicatmagnificat · 24/03/2007 09:49

Branagh's Hamlet is amazing. Kate Winslet gives a really harrowing performance as Ophelia. The score is also haunting.

I loved "Much Ado" as well, and also Branagh's version of "Love's Labours Lost" which takes its inspiration from musicals. It sounds bizarre, but I thought it worked brilliantly.

Have "12th Night" recorded, does anyone know if this is any good?

sassy · 24/03/2007 10:09

Agree with Polanski's Macbeth. Stupendous and so atmospheric.
Hamlet and Henry V - Olivier beats Branagh hands down.
I quite like the Luhrmann R&J although I got sick of marking essays saying "Then J shoots herself with R's gun"

Love, LOVE the Animated Tales versions too - they tell the (brilliant)stories so clearly without dumbing down at all.

monkeytrousers · 24/03/2007 11:58

Twelfth Night with Helena Bonham Carter? I remember her being very good, but it's another Trevor Nunn - I'm not a fan of any of his adaptations.

Richard E Grant is so annoying too.

OP posts:
funnypeculiar · 24/03/2007 12:12

Love the animated tales and Baz's R&J
Really enjoyed BBC's Taming of the Shrew lasy year. Not becuase i fancy the breeches (sp??) off Rufus Sewell. No, not at all. I just though it was very well acted. And stuff.

southeastastra · 24/03/2007 12:17

i suppose romeo and juliet with olivia hussey. always used to make me cry. constantly on tv in the 70s.

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