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Who was this actress?

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brokenshoes · 31/12/2016 13:15

DH and I stayed in Paris many times between 2000-2010. On one of our visits we happened across huge crowds watching a procession. When we asked what was happening, it was for a funeral / memorial service for an actress (I think, possibly a singer).

I remember at the time knowing who it was, so someone famous, but I just can't recall now who it was. I think someone famous in the 1950s/60s.

I've looked up Greta Garbo, but she died in 1990, and Brigitte Bardot, but she is still alive. It's really bugging me. Can anyone help?

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TondelayaDellaVentamiglia · 31/12/2016 13:20
DaemonPantalaemon · 31/12/2016 13:21

Are you sure it was not in Feb of 2011? If so, it was Maria Schneider.

CountFosco · 31/12/2016 13:31

María Casares? But she died in 1996. Annie Girardot? But just a bit later than your dates since she died in 2011. My best guess is Marie Trintignant who died in 2003, she was murdered by her boyfriend. I don't know if her funeral was in Paris though.

Foxyloxy1plus1 · 31/12/2016 13:32

Edith Piaf?

Mynestisfullofempty · 31/12/2016 13:36

Foxyloxy1plus1 Edith Piaf died in 1963!

brokenshoes · 31/12/2016 13:36

I've not heard of any of those (except Piaf) Blush.

Definitely not in Feb 2011 as DS was born then.

OP posts:
brokenshoes · 31/12/2016 13:40

It's very possible we were in Paris in summer 2003, but i've not heard of Marie Trintignant until now.

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RhuBarbarella · 31/12/2016 13:47

If it was Marie Trintignant it may have been because her death was very high profile. She died of domestic abuse and her partner was a famous singer.

WhatchaMaCalllit · 31/12/2016 13:51

If you go onto the Wikipedia home page you can find out who died on this day type information.

Go through it year by year I'd suggest

brokenshoes · 31/12/2016 13:59

Thanks Watcha. I've just found that page myself. Got up to May 2000. This might take some time (heading out now), but will update if/when I find the person.

I really don't think it was Marie Trintignant. My initial thought on seeing the name just then was "who?", but I recall instantly recognising the name when the person we spoke to in Paris told us.

OP posts:
Threesoundslikealot · 31/12/2016 14:05

Sure it wasn't Diana Mosley? (Although I'm not sure she'd have drawn a big crowd.)

HedwigHooray · 31/12/2016 14:19

My first thought was Marie Trintignant too. Very high profile and tragic case where she was a famous actress and murdered by her famous rock star DP.

DaemonPantalaemon · 31/12/2016 14:22

Oh now I am intrigued. We shall solve this puzzle OP, no fear!

brokenshoes · 01/01/2017 21:28

Aargh, I am so frustrated! Spent today and yesterday scrolling through a decade's worth of "notable deaths" in that Wiki link above.

The only person who comes close is Katharine Hepburn (died June 2003, but in the USA). I'm pretty sure my person is of a similar level of fame. Not necessarily French, but obviously someone with strong links to France.

Thinking now it probably wasn't actually a funeral, but a memorial service.

OP posts:
BestIsWest · 01/01/2017 22:17

Marlene Dietrich died in Paris in1992.

BestIsWest · 01/01/2017 22:18

Sorry, you said 2002! I'm a decade out.

AlwaysTheWinner · 01/01/2017 22:26

I'm intrigued! Can you remember whereabouts in Paris you were? If so, you could look on Google Maps for churches/halls in the area and that might bring something up if you Google memorial service at that location.

Allalonenow · 01/01/2017 22:31

Although Edith Piaf died in 1963, at the time she was refused a funeral Mass because of her lifestyle.
So it wasn't until 2013 that a memorial Mass was held for her, this was massive news in France at the time, could it have been this that you saw?

brokenshoes · 01/01/2017 22:45

Would have been fairly central Paris. Possibly Marais area. I can sort of picture where we were in my head.

DH has just reminded me that we used to keep a record of places we stayed at on holiday and the dates. That list might come in handy... it's on the PC, so will have a look another day.

Definitely not Edith Piaf 2013 as not been abroad since 2010.

OP posts:
VanillaSugar · 01/01/2017 23:25

Ooh la la. Je suis marking ma place.

DonkeysDontRideBicycles · 01/01/2017 23:41

Are you sure it was an actress, was it something celebrating Nina Simone who died in April 2003?

Grumpyoldblonde · 02/01/2017 00:25

I just came on to say Nina Simone too.

brokenshoes · 02/01/2017 12:43

Possibly Nina Simone. When I get a moment i'll see if the dates match up from when we would have been there.

Where's a good place to look for French news reports?

OP posts:
HappinessLivesHere · 03/01/2017 12:56

Did you find out??

brokenshoes · 03/01/2017 15:55

Not yet. School doesn't go back until tomorrow, so I will continue my investigation then!

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