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Guys & Dolls or 42nd Street?

8 replies

brightwell · 09/02/2007 18:36

I haven't seen either, but would like to take my 12 year old dd, which would be the best. I took her see Cats which she loved. TIA

OP posts:
peachygirl · 09/02/2007 18:39

Guys and dolls or as an alternative how about mamma mia or mary poppins?

Olihan · 09/02/2007 18:49

Guys and Dolls, definitely.

Califrau · 09/02/2007 18:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarsLady · 09/02/2007 19:01

I love Guys and Dolls far too much to give an unbiased opinion!

CocoLoco · 09/02/2007 19:05

Guys and Dolls - I love it! Went to see it just before christmas and there was a girl of about 12 in front of me who clearly enjoyed herself.

julienetmum · 11/02/2007 23:27

I have seen both and enjoyed both but Guys and Dolls is wonderful as long as you are not too bothered by the strip scene.

MayoWoman · 11/02/2007 23:30

Guys and Dolls - if only to see Don Johnson. Its a great "well known" cast too. Claire Sweeney is excellent in it. As an alternative Wicked is very good visually.

MrsJohnCusack · 11/02/2007 23:40

Guys and Dolls is just such a fantastic show
no idea what the current cast is like but it's a great, great show

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