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Whatever happened to KENNETH BRANAGH?

16 replies

DumbledoresGirl · 07/02/2007 19:57

Just been watching Peter's Friends. What ever happened to Kenneth? We don't hear of him these days do we?

OP posts:
JanH · 07/02/2007 19:58

Doesn't he direct these days? NT or RSC or something?

Blu will know, I bet, or beetroot.

macneil · 07/02/2007 19:59

His version of The Magic Flute is out this year - book by Stephen Fry.

DumbledoresGirl · 07/02/2007 20:06

So he is still working and not sitting in some rehab clinic in California? I am glad. He had talent.

OP posts:
CocoLoco · 07/02/2007 20:09

Currently directing Michael Caine and Jude Law in 'Sleuth', according to

DumbledoresGirl · 07/02/2007 20:10

Excellent. I was worried about him for a moment.

OP posts:
peachygirl · 07/02/2007 20:13

I once stood behind him hanging some stage curtains on the regional news when he opened an educational arts centre when I was a teen.
I am quite proud of this.

There was a programme on the TV about the magic flute at christmas. It's set in WW1 and looks very interesting.

JanH · 07/02/2007 20:16

Ohhh - Michael Caine was in the original Sleuth, wasn't he? He will have swapped roles though. Interesting!

PeachesMcLean · 07/02/2007 22:43

I met him on a beach in Denmark when I went with friends to see him do Hamlet at Elsinore Castle....

flowers1 · 21/02/2007 12:26

There is a website called the Kenneth Branagh Compedium which contains up to date information about his latest projects. I can't wait for "THe Magic Flute" to be released, I think he is amazing and follow everything he does.

WanderingTrolley · 21/02/2007 12:30

I love him, but I fear he may have disappeared up his own arse.

Sunyshineymummy · 01/03/2007 13:37

He was in a play called Edmund at the National Theatre about two years ago. He was totally nekkid on stage at one point - I nearly choked on my chocolate! He was fantastic though, really charismatic.

beckybrastraps · 01/03/2007 13:40

God I love Kenneth Branagh. No lips, but I still love him.

ALthough I don't love Peter's Friends...

But Much Ado about Nothing, mmmmmmm

Shackleton, mmmmmmm

The one about the 'final solution' where he was a chilling Nazi. Still yummy.

ipanemagirl · 01/03/2007 23:17

I love him too despite his no-lips status.
I thought he'd married the designer on Shackleton and had a baby boy.
Do you remember Fortunes of War?
I thought he was brilliant as Shackleton too and in that nazi drama - fab actor.
Peaches Mclean - sounds good - tell me more?
My dh interviewed him about 10 years ago for a radio prog and said he was totally lovely and ungrand and easy to be with. Nice to hear that about slebs.
Find him strangely attractive

NotanOtter · 01/03/2007 23:28

when i was at school a geeky girl in my class went out with him - he was in the rsc

JanH · 01/03/2007 23:31

What was the one he was in with Emma T where he wore geeky specs and they were living in Cairo or somewhere? He was very nice in that.

ipanemagirl · 01/03/2007 23:34

fortunes of war

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