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Anyone been to Earls Court for a concert? Quick advice needed please!

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ParanoidAndroid · 15/01/2007 18:13

I just wondered if it was any good as a venue. The only tickets available to see Roger Waters there in May are up in the gods, almost opposite the stage.

Is it worth it as a venue? I was so cheesed off by seeing the Stones at Twickenham that I am a bit nervous about booking without advice!

Thanks in advance.

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ParanoidAndroid · 15/01/2007 18:23

bumpity bump

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CocoLoco · 15/01/2007 18:55

I haven't been to a gig there but DH says "you're better off in the car park than having a shit seat" at Earls Court


MarsLady · 15/01/2007 18:56

If there's standing then take it. You get up really close to the stage.

Went to see Paul Weller there a few years ago. Fab!

southeastastra · 15/01/2007 18:59

went there years ago and was sat on the left in the middle iykwim, that wasn't great and very cramped. i suppose it depends on how desp you are to see him! i wish people would stop playing big stadiums.

ParanoidAndroid · 15/01/2007 19:01

Thank you all! Standing all gone unfortunately.

Coco - do thank your DH for me. That's what we felt about Twickers - blooming waste of money that was!

I'm just trying to blag some tickets now through various nebulous contacts as someone who is playing in his band, is a friend of my uncle. So watch this space....

Thanks for the advice though

OP posts:
Earlybird · 15/01/2007 19:07

IMO - seeing an act at Earl's Court is similar to seeing them perform in a huge airplane hangar - vast, and not much atmosphere. But, would think that he/his crew will have invested in getting a very good sound system that will make the show sound great. I don't imagine Roger Walters does very much onstage, so unsure how much there will be to see. Often these big shows have huge screens as part of the staging, so that is always helpful for those seated in the back/'s always funny to go to a concert and watch the screens instead of the tiny dot artist onstage!

My gut would be to go with the idea that it will be a good overall experience, rather than anything remotely intimate.

jura · 15/01/2007 21:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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