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So sorry, lost my motivation ...

5 replies

AussieSim · 27/05/2004 19:35

But what can one do? Or is it just the normal ebb and flow of the creative urge and should I not sweat it?

OP posts:
papillon · 27/05/2004 19:38

follow me on?

you have been sick lately though if I remember ??

coppertop · 27/05/2004 19:43

I think motivation tends to come and go. I've been pretty busy with my entry for the End of Story competition. Now that it's finished and posted I don't really have the enthusiasm for anything else.

The general advice is that you should sit down to write something even if you don't feel like it but I can't say I've tried it myself!

AussieSim · 27/05/2004 19:47

Pap, a bit jet-lagged and also in denial about the amount the amount of work I need to do to move back to Oz in July - so lots of avoidance behaviour, but not in the form of writing.

Coppertop - congrats on finishing your Story - that must be a good feeling! At your suggestion, I might try to go to bed a bit earlier and do some writing before lights out.

OP posts:
popsycal · 27/05/2004 20:02

I have been the opposite Aussiesim after about 4 years of brief sporadic episodes of writing.

I too have been concentrating on my end of story entry (which i finally posted today - hurrah!!!) and am up for more!

It will return - mine has

Janstar · 28/05/2004 11:14

I know what you all mean about inspiration. I find the more I do sit down and try and write, even if it's rubbish, the more I actually do produce, and as you get accustomed to producing something on a regular basis, the quality returns. Then you are writing to order instead of letting your muse dictate. It takes a lot of experience to do this, and even then it doesn't always work, but it's worth persevering.

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