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Matilda or The Railway Children with 11yo dd?

5 replies

northender · 18/04/2016 17:48

Planning a daytrip to London in July with dd & am a bit torn between the 2. Matilda winning slightly at the moment I think but would love your views.

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LadyStark · 18/04/2016 17:51

Matilda is brilliant, would get my vote.

northender · 18/04/2016 18:34


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ThornyBird · 18/04/2016 18:35

I saw The Railway Children a few years ago in York so might be different, but having been to both, I also vote Matilda.

Merrylegs · 18/04/2016 18:36

I've seen both with my dd. She would choose Matilda.

northender · 18/04/2016 19:59

Matilda it is then, dd very happy with that Smile

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