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TEEstheCEEsontobejolly · 27/12/2006 20:27

My darling mother bought DP tickets to see SPAMALOT - sometime on a saturday night in April.
We would have both been very excited about this had it not been for that appaling excert shown on The Royal Varierty Performance joke of a show!
DP and I had it on so we could see if it was true that no-one laughed at Ken Dodd and we happened to chance upon some men in tights and tabbards - not funny, even slightly. Hated it on sight, loathed it. said to DP - wtf is this, why, why would anyone do this? Now realise it was SPAMALOT.
How do I get rid of these tickets? Ebay em???

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 27/12/2006 20:35

I would go it was fun!
(and I HATE musicals)

CountessDracula · 27/12/2006 20:35

otherwise ebay them

TEEstheCEEsontobejolly · 27/12/2006 20:37

Was it really Drac?
I'll go if you reckon it's worth it.
But that bit on the RVS was PANTS-ALOT

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 27/12/2006 20:37

I didn't see it
I think if you took a bit out of context it would seem pretty bad

Also you HAVE to be a big python fan or it is a defo nonononono

TEEstheCEEsontobejolly · 27/12/2006 20:55

Hmmmm, well DP is a big python fan. I'm just a fan of beoing out really!

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 27/12/2006 23:25

you will hate it then I think!

FLAMEinEckItsYuleAgain · 28/12/2006 00:47

I loved it - but I do like Python... Pretty much if you liked Holy Grail, then you'd be fine, if not, then no.

Not seen variety performance yet, but I'm thinking that one bit would be very very odd out of context... Its grown men trotting about stage bashing coconuts

mamama · 28/12/2006 02:12

I'm NOT a Monty Python fan but LOVED Spamalot. I saw it in Chicago with a great cast & I would definitely see it again... I'd give it a chance!

santasaurus · 28/12/2006 08:21

I saw it in New York at Easter and really enjoyed it without being a MP fan. However, I think that fans will get a lot more out of it than non-fans, IYSWIM. I can understand that if you saw a clip out of context it would make no sense, didn't see the bit on tv, but when I went I knew nothing about it and laughed a lot.

annh · 20/01/2007 14:19

Also anothe non-Monty Python fan but we went to see the show last Sat and absolutely loved it! The storyline (if it can be called such) is a complete nonsense but the score and script are so clever that it doesn't matter. The Lady of the Lake was brilliant and Simon Russell Beale as King Arthur was also great. It deserves all the Olivier nominations it has received!

jura · 30/01/2007 15:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina · 30/01/2007 15:33

Did you get decent seats jura?
Dh and I would see SRB reading the phone book, tbh.

jura · 30/01/2007 15:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marina · 30/01/2007 16:00

We are still clinging forlornly to the memories of being RSC and RNT subscribers and a golden era of seeing everything on, even the turkeys (low point being Rupert Graves completely adrift in Tis Pity She's a Whore).
I have to confess to having a problem with Michael Maloney's hair. I am more of a springy-bonced Anton Lesser sort of little man with mellifluous voice sort of gal.
Would love to have seen Robert Stephens though. How hard must it be to be Toby, languishing in his shadow
SRB was a total sensation in Candide at the NT. And wonderful as Konstantin in the Seagull, although apparently Mackenzie Crook runs him a close second at the Royal Court at the mo.
Can I even wincingly sort of enquire how much those tickets were...

DimpledThighs · 30/01/2007 16:10

go - it's free and you might like it. Ask your mum to babysit as it was her fab idea then go out for dinner before and have a few drinks - always helps.

jura · 30/01/2007 16:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jura · 30/01/2007 16:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jura · 30/01/2007 16:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zephyrcat · 08/03/2007 10:38

Is Tim Curry still starring in Spamalot? I'm on the verge of booking tickets but we really wanted to go while he was in it....

Flamesparrow · 08/03/2007 10:41

Nope, Tim's gone

zephyrcat · 08/03/2007 10:41


Flamesparrow · 08/03/2007 10:53

I think it would still be good anyway Zephr - SRB is meant to be good, but he obv doesn't have that same thing that Curry does.

Its one of the few shows that my sister has worked on that she hasn't started complaining about being bored with by now.

zephyrcat · 08/03/2007 10:58

I'm tempted. DP would love it as Holy Grail is one of his fav films and knows it word for word!! I just wanted to see Mr Curry!!

We were going to see that and then go to the Hard Rock Cafe - kind of for my b'day but I can't think what else we could go and see... things I'd like he wouldn't and vice versa!

Flamesparrow · 08/03/2007 11:12

Mr Curry was looooooooovely (nto that that helps you

zephyrcat · 08/03/2007 11:17

lol thanks

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