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Not really culture but what is this 1980s song?

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threebob · 10/11/2006 23:32

I get asked all the musical questions, but I was a bit young when this one came out.

It's that song with actions like swim and ski and then at the end you all shout Superman!

Tried googling superman, but no joy.

So who recorded it? and what was it called.

OP posts:
SaintGeorge · 10/11/2006 23:35

Superman by Black Lace

CheeryGarcia · 10/11/2006 23:37


SaintGeorge · 10/11/2006 23:37

Snort - NOT the official video

busybusymum · 10/11/2006 23:42

my 7 and 5yo loves this song

CheeryGarcia · 10/11/2006 23:44

StG - lol@fabulous link

coppertop · 10/11/2006 23:51

ROFL at Black Lace finding their way into the Culture Vultures section!!

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