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Prix de Lausanne 2015

5 replies

Pishedorf · 02/02/2015 12:36

Is anyone else into Ballet and Ballet competitions?

I've always loved ballet and started watching as much as a I can on YouTube a few years ago and discovered plenty of amazing ballet dancers and the world of ballet competitions.

The prix this year is live streaming. Is anyone else planning to watch?

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AmeliaPeabody · 02/02/2015 12:40

Yes, planning to watch here!

I watched some from last year, obviously not live, but think that must have been via Youtube?

Pishedorf · 02/02/2015 12:49

Yes if you subscribe to the prix you tube channel they have loads of previous year selections. Even down to 2003 I think! You can see Steven McRae from the Royal doing an amazing tap routine for his contemporary section.

I guess I'm rooting for Miko Fogarty who did it in 2013 and has come back for another go. She was the first ballet teen I was aware of from you tube and I really admire her determination.

I'm hoping to see some Raymonda variations from the older girls. I absolutely adore that piece of music!

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Pishedorf · 02/02/2015 18:31

Loads of Raymondas by the looks of the live streaming today. A couple of queen of the dryads, aurora 3rd act variation and paquitas.

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AmeliaPeabody · 06/02/2015 14:48

I remember Miko from the ballet film documentary. That was some US competition, though. I had no idea she entered the Lausanne competition before. That will be interesting to see, how she's progressed!

There's a British girl too, apparently, isn't there.

I still haven't subscribed. Will do that shortly (thank you!)

Pishedorf · 06/02/2015 21:25

The US competition is the YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix).

Miko didn't get through to the finals this time. She danced the Paquita variation. I didn't get chance to see her dance but there's a video of her dancing it in the moscow IBC in 2013.

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