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Books on Writing

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AussieSim · 21/04/2004 12:31

Spacemonkey has already mentioned a couple in the Introductions thread: such as The Artist's Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self (which is really good - v practical and spiritual approach to writing), as well as Writing Down the Bones (which I think will the be next one I buy).

What other books on writing have you read?

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AussieSim · 22/04/2004 12:14

OK can I first say that I don't generally read Stephen King (I actually can't handle anything too spooky or gory), but I love his Memoir - On Writing. I am reading it for the second time at the mo to give me inspiration. Last time I read it I wasn't a mother, and this time I am seeing new stuff in it. His mum was so supportive. She bought his first little stories off him when he was a youngster for 25c. He also did it really tough with wife, two young kids, on the breadline, teaching and still trying to write to supplement his income. It was his wife who insisted that he continue to write Carrie - his first big hit. There is a writing exercise in the book and I used it in my application for the course that I used to go to back home - and got in (which was quite competitive). Anyway, even if Stephen King's stuff is not your cup of tea, I can recommend this book.

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