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Royal Opera House ....can you get discounted tickets?

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triplets · 20/09/2014 08:04

Hi, I have never been, would love to. I see they are doing a ballet of Alice in Wonderland in Dec/Jan and would love to take my 16yr old daughter who is Alice mad! Where is the best place to sit/avoid and can you ever get a discount? Best seat prices seem to be around £100!! Thank you.

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lavendersun · 20/09/2014 08:08

We go about four times a year and I am a 'friend' but I have never seen discounted tickets. Not sure if you could pitch up on the day if you are close by and see what is left, I don't do that because our journey is a couple of hours these days and I like front row dress circle seats husband moans about the cost but I don't care at all.

ChippyMinton · 20/09/2014 08:11

I know it's not the same as being there, but some productions are live-linked to cinemas. Would be a cheap way of seeing it on a big screen.

ChippyMinton · 20/09/2014 08:15
triplets · 20/09/2014 08:22

Hi we live nr Dover so 2 hour train journey. She just loves all things Alice, not sure how she feels about ballet but I think this production will be amazing. So dress circle are best seats?

OP posts:
Mama1980 · 20/09/2014 08:26

I agree dress circle are great at the front though if you can. I go fairly often my 16 year old dd is a big fan but the tickets don't get discounted unless you risk it and turn up on the day on the off chance there are seats left.

lavendersun · 20/09/2014 08:45

Dress circle front row are brilliant. We are going to the Nutcracker next. I am not sure if you have to pay full price for your daughter - hope not! The great thing about ROH is that children are half price, whereas our local theatre productions just sell one price tickets so it isn't that much more expensive to go to a fabulous production in a great atmosphere.

LIZS · 20/09/2014 08:53

As students we used to go in the Upper Slips. Tickets were about £5. Not a square-on view and hard on the bum for longer operas but you can see.

lavendersun · 20/09/2014 09:04

I got really worried when I looked at the ROH web page just now as I couldn't find the Nutcracker at all and know I have got tickets downstairs.

Searching my inbox didn't help either until I searched for Nutcracker - phew, I am not going mad ... apart from we are going to the Coliseum and it is ENB not RB. Obviously it is still early on a Saturday morning.

Lizs - we used to love the cheap seats as students, anywhere and everywhere and didn't care one bit where we sat.

MillieV · 28/09/2014 20:20

We're going - I'm a "Friend", too, and can't recall them having discounted tickets, but they do have the "standing tickets" at the very top that are very cheap. We were in the Donald Gordon Tier last time we went, and it was great… but it is over £150 per ticket.

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