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Anyone seen 'Children of Men'?

4 replies

moondog · 25/09/2006 18:58

Watched it this afternoon (alone!) and it really disturbed me....

OP posts:
southeastastra · 25/09/2006 18:59

did you enjoy it? the idea sounds a bit lame

Dior · 25/09/2006 18:59

Message withdrawn

moondog · 25/09/2006 19:00

Ooh I did,but it made me rush home and hug my children tight.
Actually,the way they show the authorities treating 'fugees' isn't that different to how they are treated now I reckon.
Aren't we f*cking horrible to each other?????

OP posts:
jura · 25/09/2006 21:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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