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west end 'the woman in black'

22 replies

southeastastra · 20/08/2006 13:42

has anyone seen this? i want to take my ds(12) and wondered what the best seats were and if you think he'll enjoy it?

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Spidermama · 20/08/2006 13:46

My dh was in this for nearly a year. (It's a two man show) and it was absolutely fantastic then.

It's a great show. It depends who's in it. I would say it might be a bit scarey for a 12 year old tbh, but it depends what other sorts of things he has seen.

sydneygirl · 20/08/2006 13:47

I've seen it, up in Blackpool! It was quite good but you do have to really listen to what is being said. Also, there is only two or three people in the whole show so it's based solely around them and the sets just change a bit. It might be a bit more extravagent on the West End but I bet it's still the same company. Just asked DH and he remembers it as being good. Didn;t have children at the time, so no advice really for your DS, although a seat where he can properly see what's happening may help him follow the plot better. Nothing worse than sitting with half a view of the stage!

Twiglett · 20/08/2006 13:49

ooo I saw it years ago .. its fabulous .. but its really for adults and I wouldn't take a 12 year old

southeastastra · 20/08/2006 13:50

wow your dh was in it!

i think my son will be ok, he likes alot of scary things. i'm going to start taking him to alot of shows and thought this would be a good one to start with. do you think if we get tickets for the stalls we would see it ok?

OP posts:
harpsichordcarrier · 20/08/2006 13:50

yes, I saw it a few years ago. I really enjoyed it but I would agree it's a bt too scary for a 12 year old.

sydneygirl · 20/08/2006 13:52

Stalls are always ace. Just let your son know that it is a story and it's scary! Hope you have a lovely night.

Sobernow · 20/08/2006 13:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Spidermama · 20/08/2006 20:55

Yes my DH played the younger of the two men. He used to do 8 shows a week, which was exhausting. It is a great show.

They keep changing the actors as it has been running for years, so you may be lucky or unlucky with the actors.

I think it needs great performances to pull it off. I saw if a few years before my dh was in it and it was a bit boring because they weren't very engaging.

Spidermama · 20/08/2006 20:56

I'd be interested to hear about it if you go.

Dior · 20/08/2006 20:58

Message withdrawn

suejonez · 20/08/2006 21:00

I loved it but it is quite scary, he would have to be a very robust 12 yr old

suejonez · 20/08/2006 21:01

also, its very "wordy" not much happens, just a lot of talking so he'd also have to be quite patient and thoughtful to enjoy it.

southeastastra · 20/08/2006 21:04

i am definitely going, but my ds(12) doesn't seem too keen so i'm going with a friend (who will shriek all the way through it!). he's not too bothered so will not waste £25 on a ticket for him grrr and i was hoping he would be my west end buddy.

OP posts:
Spidermama · 20/08/2006 21:07

Enjly. It's fun going with a screamer.

southeastastra · 20/08/2006 21:08

she screams like mad! we went on a ghost walk and she was soo embarrassing but fun

OP posts:
suejonez · 20/08/2006 21:08

you need to start him off with something with some more action (can;t think what, Summer's not great for the theatre on the whole)

southeastastra · 20/08/2006 21:11

i was thinking of taking him to see billy elliot, but don't know if i could sit through that

OP posts:
suejonez · 20/08/2006 21:59

I've heard its very good - why don't you think you could sit through it?

Dior · 21/08/2006 10:39

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam · 21/08/2006 10:41

I saw it many years ago on the West End ... it was brilliant but it scared the living daylights out of me and I wouldn't take a child anywhere near it!

Dior · 21/08/2006 11:00

Message withdrawn

southeastastra · 21/08/2006 11:03

yes we'll have to go to madam t's too!

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