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PAVAROTTI CONCERT CANCELLED...Where do I get a refund?

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oinker · 15/07/2006 17:06

I am going loopy.............

Noone seems to be able to help.

I originally purchased my tickets from the Madjeski stadium for his May 2005 concert. That was cancelled but I chose to hold onto the tickets and the venue was changed to Warwick Castle. I paid Madjeski stadium for my tickets and they passed the sale onto the Castle.

Ticketmasters are not interested. They just print and send the tickets out. Madjeski stadium are a bloody nightmare to get hold of. They should have at least written. I have been told by Ticketmasters that they have refunded all there customers and letters were sent out.
I have heard nothing from the stadium or the castle.
Fortunatley I check out BBC news on the internet and saw the announcements. I never saw anything on the TV News. I would have ended up driving from London to the castle if I hadn't read the news!!

Is anyone else having the same problems?

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