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is it possible to be too close to the stage for Les Mis (the show)?

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mckenzie · 14/02/2013 19:19

We're taking 8 yr old DD. Is row G too close i wonder?
I've been quite a few times but not since I've had children so cant imagine it from a youngster's perspective.


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gaelicsheep · 16/02/2013 20:57

No I don't think so, I think it will be fine (and very exciting for them). I suppose the only possible problem for children in being very close is the suspension of disbelief (or lack, as they notice there is no blood on Eponine or Gavroche for example - I think, it's been a while!). But they won't miss anything, I'm sure of that.

Hope they enjoy it! Am jealous.

simplesusan · 16/02/2013 22:51

I think row G is fine.
I'm sure you will all enjoy it.

mckenzie · 17/02/2013 16:26

thanks for the posts. DD is SO excited.

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