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Wizzil - has anyone seen it?

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roisin · 22/02/2006 16:42

We saw it this afternoon, and tbh I'm still slightly bemused by the whole experience.

It's "aimed at children aged 4-10" and my children enjoyed it, as did c.100 children.
I, however, was in hysterics for the majority of the show: I couldn't control myself - chuckling, laughing our loud, tears streaming down my cheeks
But the rest of the adult audience (c.70 adults) were completely silent for the majority of the time.
I was hemmed in on either side, otherwise I would have retreated to the back to try and stifle my guffaws.

So has anyone else seen it, and can sympathise with me, or confirm that I'm completely loopy?

Forthcoming tour dates are here They are going to Winchester, Cambridge, Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells, St Helens, Aberystwyth, Shrewsbury, Kendal, London, and Ormskirk in the next few months.

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