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bubblegumcheeks · 04/02/2006 20:53

this is the first poem that I ever wrote I was 18 just finished school and my first ever boyfried of 2 and a half years and I broke up.

Broken Love

All the hurt all the pain,
will it ever heal again?
All the tears I have cried,
now only fear I have inside.
Was it me who did the wrong,
and made our love no longer-strong?

Did I really try in vain,
to make our love come true again?
We seemed like the perfect pair,
now its ended in dispair.
Will the love between us grow?
Shall we together to the chapel go?

I do not know what has gone wrong,
I just feel like the guilty one.
Please dear Lord just let me know,
will it stay and grow or
will it sadly end and go.

seven years later we met up again and our feelings for each other were still there, we are now 2 years married with a 10 month old dd. See so there are such things as high school sweethearts.

OP posts:
almostanangel · 05/02/2006 08:32

oh wow love your work,,and how your love found its place xxxcongrats

bubblegumcheeks · 06/02/2006 03:51

yeah well I was told when we broke up that "if you love something let it go, if it comes back to you it's yours if it doesn't it never was" never believed those words at the time though. What is the moral of the story? always listen to your parents (my dad in my case. Will post some more of my work later

OP posts:
almostanangel · 06/02/2006 07:04

look forward to it

bubblegumcheeks · 07/02/2006 05:05

here goes

This is a really depressing one from those dreaded teenage years.

Death is a pleasure!!!

When this bucket is filled with blood,
through up to the sky
It will hit the dry earth that calls for rain,
When I want to speak to you,
it will be in showers of rain.

So please don't be dismayed, I must go now as I have no purpose for the future or present.
So please don't miss me,
as death is a pleasure from far and near.

My bones are breaking, my heart is aching.
Life is so simple, yet so displeasing,
but for you my dear the pleasures will ring.

I am not afraid to die with you near,
for God is my witness I will always be near.
I will be in your thoughts, words and deeds,
but let your life still proceed.

The sea and heavns are like commitment and love,
they seem to link, but have a space below and above.
Mans knowledge is wise but destroys our sunrise,
So you see death is a pleasure from here.

Open up they say, tell me what you feel.
They want to read you like a book.
Between good phrases they discipline,
between bad phases they re-arrange your domain.

You see here my dear you must show your domain.
Death is a pleasure, yet it has no domain,
sleep is a pleasure, because you die to the world,
imagine that pleasure for ever-more.

So believe me my dear when I say
"death is a pleasure"

OP posts:
bubblegumcheeks · 07/02/2006 05:12

almostanangel I have read some of the other poems that you have posted on mumsnet you have a wonderful talent mine came out when my boyfriend and I broke up in 1995 and then it disapeared when we got back together again in 2002 I still get a poem in my head once in a while but they do not come as easily any more

OP posts:
almostanangel · 07/02/2006 06:49

hi thank you only stared writting them the last week or so,im sure i will run out soon! lol could feel your pain in that one ,,keep doing them xx

almostanangel · 07/02/2006 06:49

started! lol

bubblegumcheeks · 07/02/2006 21:26

I hane to have something really big that it jolts my emotions happen so for me to write a poem.

OP posts:
bubblegumcheeks · 07/02/2006 21:27

I hane to have something really big that it jolts my emotions happen so for me to write a poem.

OP posts:
almostanangel · 08/02/2006 16:27

wow ........tis what has happened to me ,,jolt!!

Tortington · 08/02/2006 16:55

I love my car, it's red and sporty
It doesn't matter if i'm baldy and shorty
'cos every woman in every land
Loves a man with the keys to a porshe in his hand

TambaTheTemptress · 08/02/2006 17:12

Nice work Custy

Tortington · 08/02/2006 20:59

aww ta

almostanangel · 09/02/2006 16:24

i bow to your talent!

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