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Depressing Music

30 replies

expatinscotland · 23/01/2006 17:34

a la Coldplay, KT Turnstall, The Keanes.

Why? Why? Why?

I mean, life is depressing enough w/o that sh*te.

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 23/01/2006 17:35


OP posts:
lockets · 23/01/2006 17:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula · 23/01/2006 17:36

Would you have everyone listen to Pinky and Perky then?

LeftOverTurkey · 23/01/2006 17:36

Doesn't depress me, it cheers me up.
I must listen more closely.

expatinscotland · 23/01/2006 17:36

YES! Down w/all depressing music.

OP posts:
LeftOverTurkey · 23/01/2006 17:37

ds says the same as you expat, about coldplay. Told him he doesn't kno the meaning of depressing - he should listen to some Leonard Cohen.

CountessDracula · 23/01/2006 17:38

Coldplay and Keane are just boring

I don't know that other one

madmarchhare · 23/01/2006 17:38

Have you heard Black Box Recorder?, now that is depressing, but great at the same time. Now Coldplay, thats depressing and shite.

expatinscotland · 23/01/2006 17:38

What's really depressing about Coldplay is the number of records they sell.

I had a bf who listened to Leonard Cohen. I dropped him like a hot brick.

OP posts:
LeftOverTurkey · 23/01/2006 17:46

K T Tunstall has a silly cocky grin on her face the whole time - how can she be depressing?
Quite like her though.

FrenchGirl · 23/01/2006 17:48

Coldplay is just reaaaalllly boring
I like KT Tunstall though and dd loves dancing to her, so can't be that depressing!
come on expat what do you listen to then?

cathyspam · 23/01/2006 17:48

Dont mind if the lyrics are depressing as long a it has a good tune!

expatinscotland · 23/01/2006 17:49

Right now? Silk Road Ensemble and Buddha Bar I-IV CDs.

OP posts:
FrenchGirl · 23/01/2006 17:51

and how cheerful is it?
are you dancing?

anorak · 23/01/2006 17:52

I can't believe no one mentioned the Smiths

expatinscotland · 23/01/2006 17:53

It's mellow! Buddha Bar was some famous restaurant and club in Paris.

I listen to a lot of jazz as well.

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 23/01/2006 17:53


makes me want to sit in a corner and weep
who listens to it for fun ffs?

expatinscotland · 23/01/2006 17:55

I knew a gal who listened to Radiohead for fun. She was whacked, man!

OP posts:
FrenchGirl · 23/01/2006 17:55

mellow is good, I love jazz
Do you have madeleine Peyroux?

expatinscotland · 23/01/2006 17:56

Yes I have, FG! Right now I've got Miles Davis, 7 Steps to Heaven on.

OP posts:
FrenchGirl · 23/01/2006 17:58

sounds good, excellent taste as usual
MP is great, she gets better every time I listen to her!! And speaks great french which is very pleaseant to my ears....

expatinscotland · 23/01/2006 18:01

She is the epitome of cool.

How can anyone waste time w/depressing tosh when there's so much good stuff out there?

OP posts:
anorak · 23/01/2006 18:03

Girlfriend in a coma
Barbarism begins at home
Heaven knows I'm miserable now
Meat is murder
Unhappy birthday
The Draize train

Hang the DJ hang the DJ hang the DJ...come on all sing along

madmarchhare · 23/01/2006 18:17

Hate hate hate the Smiths, but do like Radiohead much to DHs horror, although he does like Jesus and Mary Chain.

littlewrigglyworm · 23/01/2006 18:21

YES!!!!!! I love something COOL!!!!
I knew it woudl happen one day, thanks you expat!

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